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The Wii U Success Formula

10 January 2012
Wii U success instructions

If laughing at Mega64‘s recorded misfortunes makes me a terrible person, well then I’m pretty terrible person for LOL-ing throughout their newest mis-adventure in game marketing. Mega64 comments: “Beware CES! Why does each new console bring more property destruction? Could it all be happening for some sinister reason?” This comedy skit is entitled “The Wii…

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Wii Nintendo Selects discount games line revealed

3 May 2011
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Nintendo has finally revealed a budget line of Wii games known as “Nintendo Selects” titles. These are best-selling games from the earliest years of the Wii that will be sold at a discounted price of $19.99. You should be able to pick up the Nintendo Select series starting May 15th. You can tell a game…

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Wii and DS million-seller list updated by Nintendo

26 April 2011
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Nintendo has updated its list of million-selling titles for the 3DS, DS and Wii. While Nintendogs + Cats sold 3 million and became the first 3DS title to do so, plenty of other first-party games for the Wii and DS have also broken the million barrier, including some surprises (Very happy to see both Kirby’s…

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