How To Unlock All Tekken Tag Tournament HD Characters (PS3)

Tekken Tag Tournament HD Unlockable Characters Screenshot (Jack-2)

How do you unlock all Tekken Tag Tournament HD Characters for the PS3 update to the hit PS2-launch fighter? For each hidden and secret character you’ll need to beat the Arcade Mode a certain number of times. Below you’ll find the amount of times you’ll need to beat the game to make the corresponding character …

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Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophies Guide (PS3)

Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophies Screenshot

Our Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophies guide lists every Trophy for this PS3 fighting game remake and tells you how to get and unlock them. There are 36 Trophies (6 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (20), Silver (10), Gold (6), Platinum (1) and to increase your Gamer Level. COLLECTABLE …

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Tekken Tag Tournament HD Unlockables, Secrets & Tips (PS3)

Tekken Tag Tournament HD Secrets Art

Our Tekken Tag Tournament HD Unlockables, Secrets and Tips guide shows you how to unlock various modes, characters, stages and more. How to Unlock the Tekken Bowl The Tekken Bowl extra mode will be unlocked once you unlock True Ogre as a playable character. How to Unlock Theater Mode The Theater Mode allows you to …

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Tekken Tag Tournament HD Characters List (Tekken Hybrid PS3 Version)

Over 30 Tekken Tag Tournament HD characters make up the cast of this extremely large roster for the first Tekken game that gave us virtually every fighter from every game! A couple are missing, such as Gon and Dr. B from Tekken 3, but nearly everyone else made the cut. Tekken Tag Tournament HD is …

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Tekken Hybrid announced for PS3. HD remake of Tekken Tag Tournament 1 bundled with Tekken: Blood Vengeance film

Tekken Hybrid brings two sweet things together on PS3
Tekken Hybrid brings an Tekken Tag Tournament HD port to the PlayStation 3 for the first time while bundling that game with the upcoming Japanese Tekken stereoscopic 3D CG film brought to you by the guys who made Cowboy Bebop and Appleseed.

This is a great way to get the film into the hands of those who wouldn’t otherwise see it, while giving a bonus to those who want to purchase a remake of Tekken Tag Tournament. It also allows Namco to charge a higher price by bundling the two together. Either way I see it as a win-win for Tekken fans!

The Tekken: Blood Vengeance film will also be screened in North American theaters on July 26, 2011 (but only on that day!) and released in standalone form on Blu-ray this November 2011.

Besides the new high-definition coat of paint added to Tekken Tag Tournament HD, it’s unknown what other features will be added, if anything (although they confirmed that the Tekken Bowl bowling mini-game WILL BE included!). One would assume that a fighter released by Namco in this day and age will HAVE to include online support. It’d be a crime not to.

And Tekken fans have much more to look forward to. The re-release of Tekken Tag Tournament 1 in HD form is priming fans for the eventual release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (a 2012 title) and will have much to be greatful for with the upcoming releases of Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter, both of which are scheduled for 2012.

Here is the Japanese E3 2011 trailer for Tekken Hybrid exclusively for PS3.

Will you be seeing Tekken: Blood Vengeance in theaters on July 26th?

Here is the full press release.

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