Super Scribblenauts Easter Eggs

Super Scribblenauts Easter Eggs Artwork

Our Super Scribblenauts Easter Eggs guide will show you how to find some hidden secrets in this unique action platformer series where you must write words and terms to solve puzzles. Where to Find the 121st Starite There is a hidden 121st Star that you can find in the game. In order to obtain it, …

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How to unlock all Super Scribblenauts Merits

Super Scribblenauts Logo

Our Super Scribblenauts Merits Guide will tell you how to unlock these special In-Game Achievements which are known as Merits. You can earn them by meeting certain requirements and qualifications or performing specific actions throughout the adventure. Super Scribblenauts Achievements Merits Guide 1. Astronomer – Decorate the sky with every planet in the solar system. …

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