Super Mario Land 1 Walkthrough Video Guide (3DS Virtual Console, Game Boy)

Super Mario Land Walkthrough GameBoy boxart

Our Super Mario Land 1 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this Game Boy handheld platformer and its 3DS Virtual Console eShop release. Get ready to adventure through ancient ruins, battle giant Plumber-eating crabs, run from numerous Bombshell Koopa Troopas, dodge flying stone heads, and …

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Super Mario Land 1 Cheats, Secrets & Tips List (3DS Virtual Console, Game Boy)

Super Mario Land Cheats Page Title Screenshot

Looking for Super Mario Land 1 cheats, codes, secrets and tips for the Game Boy’s 3DS Virtual Console game? Find out how to unlock the Hard/Expert Mode, how to unlock Level Select and more! Index of Super Mario Land 1 Guides: This Page: Super Mario Land 1 Cheats, Secrets & Tips List Next Page: Super …

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On the Wii, DSi & 3DS eShop today: Ubongo, Picdun, Super Mario Land and more

Nintendo downloads this week: In GO Series Picdun, a dungeon-themed RPG for the Nintendo DSiWare service, the simple act of walking can help you to solve scores of rich hidden-picture puzzles. In Dreamwalker, your goal is just to get a good night’s sleep by overcoming a flurry of disruptive challenges. Browse hundreds of games available …

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3DS eShop launch lineup to include Game Gear and GameBoy games?

The 3DS eShop will finally launch this month, near the end of May (still no exact date) and according to reports it is rumored to be launching with… Game Gear AND original Game Boy games! Of course, we knew that the 3DS Virtual Console of the eShop would include Game Boy, Game Boy Color, TurboGrafx-16 …

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