Super Mario 3D Land Demo, WarioWare 3DS, Ace Attorney 5 All Rumored

Super Mario 3D Land Demo Screenshot

Rumors abound for a Super Mario 3D Land demo, Yoshi 3DS platformer, WarioWare 3DS, Ace Attorney 5 and more as Nintendo’s September event, called the “3DS New Product Conference”, where Nintendo is expected to reveal a number of new games, draws ever-closer. Naturally the conference will have a focus on new 3DS titles and confirming …

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Super Mario 3D Land Preview

Super Mario 3D Land Logo Art With Raccoon Tale

This Super Mario 3D Land preview gives a quick look at the first all-new 3DS-exclusive Mario game, that not only is built from the ground up for the glasses-free stereoscopic 3D game system, but returns the series to its platformer roots. Super Mario 3D Land does what fans love best about Mario gaming with the …

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Super Mario 3D Land Screenshots Gallery

Super Mario 3D Land Small Mario and Ink Piranha Screenshot

Welcome to our Super Mario 3D Land Screenshots page! Super Mario 3D Land takes Mario in a new yet classic direction for his first stereoscopic glasses-free 3D adventure built from the ground up specifically for the 3DS. Incorporating new and old elements, Mario’s Raccoon Tail returns with the Tanooki Suit (sans Statue Transforming and flying) …

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Super Mario 3D Land Characters List

Super Mario 3D Land Characters Shown In Screenshot

Several Super Mario 3D Land characters are featured in this upcoming 3DS sure-fire hit. The most of obvious is the return of Mario, who makes a glorious back-to-basics return as both Small Mario AND Super Mario. Add on top of that the return of Suits from the classic games, and the return of the Koopa …

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Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land Release Dates Announced (3DS)

Mario Kart Classic Artwork. 3DS Release Date for Mario Kart 7 Is December 2011

The Super Mario 3D Land release date and Mario Kart 7 release date are the newest 3DS games added to the upcoming release schedule for Nintendo’s system. Mario Kart 7 is the official title of the previously unnamed Mario Kart 3DS game, which was shown off with a debut gameplay video during E3 2011, but …

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