Steel Diver Review (3DS). Nintendo tackles underwater sub action

Steel Diver American box artwork for Nintendo 3DS
Steel Diver is an interesting beast. One of three launch-period games for the Nintendo 3DS, Steel Diver is by far the most “different” of the launch-period titles that Nintendo put out for its newest glasses-free stereoscopic 3D portable; the other two being the pet-simulation Nintendogs + Cats and Pilotwings Resort.

It’s been a long time since Nintendo has tried something that is so daring and so drastically different and in that sense Steel Diver is refreshing. But in the grand scheme of things you are not exactly comparing Steel Diver to other Nintendo games, but comparing Steel Diver to OTHER GAMES.

It is from that perspective that Steel Diver starts to lose some of its luster. But first lets look at what exactly Steel Diver is and how it the game works.

Steel Diver is essentially a side-scrolling “submarine” simulation-action game. Although it is much more “action” than it is “sim”, although that action isn’t really the correct word to describe the game. Neither is the word “shooter”. Steel Diver is none of those, its more like a game in which you occasionally shoot at things, while navigating different size subs through underwater tracks or “mazes”, trying to reach the end.

Here is the story summary, although the game really has no story to speak of, as it only plays a part in the the level descriptions.

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