New Video Game Releases Week 46, 2015

Fallout 4 release

Here is the list of this week’s new video game releases. Popular video games released this week are: Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Rodea the Sky Soldier, and Football Manager 2016. The new releases are here! 😀 New retail releases are: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Bundle (Wii …

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Rodea: The Sky Soldier Collector’s Edition Includes Wii Disc Version. Release Date Delayed To November 2015 (3DS, Wii U)

Rodea The Sky Soldier Artwork Official Wii U 3DS

Rodea: The Sky Soldier has been delayed with a new November 2015 release date. However as a reward for waiting, first print-run copies of this high-speed Nights meets Sin & Punishment flight game from Yuji Naka (creator of Sonic the Hedgehog) for the Wii U will include a bonus disc of the cancelled Wii version …

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Rodea: The Sky Soldier Screenshots & Artwork Gallery (Wii U & 3DS)

Rodea: Sky Soldier Gameplay Screenshot Flying or Falling WiiU 3DS

Welcome to our Rodea: The Sky Soldier Screenshots Gallery. Also check out the first English trailer for Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Here you can view all the latest Rodea screenshots: 1,000 years ago, Emperor Geardo of the Naga Empire sent an army of machine soldiers to invade the sky kingdom of Garuda. Thanks to the …

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Rodea: The Sky Soldier Announced for Wii U & 3DS. From Sonic Creator Yuji Naka

Rodea The Sky Soldier Wallpaper WiiU 3DS

Rodea: The Sky Soldier is the newest game from Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic, Nights: Into Dreams, Phantasy Star & Burning Rangers, among other hit Sega titles from Sonic Team. This title is a flight-based action adventure (kinda like a follow-up to Nights) game which will be released in both physical & digital forms …

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