Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Walkthrough

Pokemon Rumble Blast Walkthrough Box Art

This Pokemon Rumble Blast walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this 3DS action brawler. Pokemon Rumble Blast allows fans of Pokemon to experience a pretty new experience in this first Pokemon game for 3DS, a sequel to the previously WiiWare-exclusive downloadable game that offers fun, …

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Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Passwords, Codes & Cheats List

Pokemon Rumble Blast Cheats Screenshot

This Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Passwords and Codes list shows you some of the passwords to unlock special Pokemon. These Passwords are handed out at various official Nintendo events or by publications and whatnot to promote the title. You can use these Passwords to either unlock Pokemon that were previously unobtainable in the game. Or …

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Pokemon Rumble Blast Release Date Announced (3DS)

Pokemon Rumble Blast screenshot. Announced as English title for Super Pokemon Rumble

The first Pokemon 3DS title is officially called Pokemon Rumble Blast, the English name of what was previously known as, translated, Super Pokemon Rumble (or Super Pokemon Scrabble rather, as “Scrabble” was the Japanese title of the Pokemon Rumble WiiWare game). The game marks the first time that Pokemon Rumble has been seen for retail, …

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