Wii Classics Coming to Wii U eShop. Wii Digital Releases of Metroid Prime Trilogy, Punch-Out, DK & Super Mario Galaxy 2

Metroid Prime Trilogy Oldschool Retro Style Poster Artwork

Wii U versions of Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 worldwide, as well as Punch-Out Wii in the USA or Donkey Kong Country Returns in Europe are headed to the eShop throughout the month of January, as digital versions of Wii Classics finally come to the Wii U. Here’s an awesome Metroid series retrospective …

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Top 100 Best Wii Games of All Time

Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy Luma Swarm GIF Animation

What are the Top 100 Best Wii Games of All Time? It may be 2015 soon and Nintendo’s mighty waggle-giant may have been officially put to bed, but Wii games can still be found brand-new in stores like Walmart! Not only that, but gamers can still snag a brand-spanking new red Wii Mini system for …

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