Top 10 Bestselling Video Games Worldwide in Week 12, 2013

SimCity 2013 launch coverage by Kat Shoob

What are the top 10 bestselling video games in America, Japan, and Europe? Thanks to Amazon online sales data here are the video games that are the hottest worldwide right now. What follows is a listing of the Top 10 bestsellers per region, for all systems combined. North America’s Top 10 Games: 1. SimCity (PC) …

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Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference Roundup: Wii U with Tablet controller announced as official name of Wii 2. Games are Smash Bros, Darksiders 2, Tekken, Ninja Gaiden 3, Battlefield 3, Batman, Aliens, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, Lego: City Stories. New 3DS games are Luigi’s Mansion 2, Tekken, Ace Combat

Nintendo Wii U system and controller
The E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference revealed a megaton of announcements, the biggest being the reveal of the Wii 2 as the almost-phonetically-the-same-sounding Wii U (which I prefer to write as WiiU, but I digress).

As with our other Roundups, you can click the Table of Contents below to skip ahead to the main announcements from the show, with my exact notes listed beyond that.

Don’t forget to check out our E3 2011 Schedule and Showtimes/E3 history page to see all of the E3 2011 publisher-held conferences and when they are scheduled, and to read our Electronic Entertainment Expo coverage going back to 2006!

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 likely for Nintendo 3DS

Could Luigi’s Mansion 2 be coming to the Nintendo 3DS? Nintendo has already announced two Nintendo 64 remakes for the system (Starfox 64 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D) so adding a GameCube classic to the mix wouldn’t be out of place. But in a recent interview, Nintendo’s Hideki Konno added …

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