Kirby Mass Attack Walkthrough Video Guide (DS)

Kirby Mass Attack Walkthrough Art

This Kirby Mass Attack walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this unique DS-exclusive platformer. Remember you can play on 3DS too! Kirby Mass Attack offers fans of the ever-pink puffball and beloved Nintendo mascot, an all-new never-before-seen twist! One day (Yes, ONE DAY!) an “evildoer” …

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Kirby Mass Attack Tasks Guide (DS)

This Kirby Mass Attack Tasks Guide will help you unlock these Achievements for the game, in-game Achievements which you can earn by fulfilling certain criteria. Do so for bragging rights and to complete the game 100% which is no easy feat! Index of Kirby Mass Attack Guides: This Page: Kirby Mass Attack Tasks Guide Next …

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Kirby Mass Attack Codes, Cheats & Secrets (DS)

Kirby Mass Attack Boss Rush Mode Screenshot

Looking for codes, cheats, tips and secrets for Kirby Mass Attack? Find out how to unlock an additional mode! There aren’t many cheats or codes for the game, but at least one of them has been revealed. How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode Called “BrawlBall” Here is a cheat code you can do to unlock …

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3DS Pink Color Announced For Japan

Misty Pink Nintendo 3DS Colored System

Nintendo has announced a Misty Pink-colored 3DS system for Japanese gamers. According to Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, the amount of female players who own a Nintendo 3DS is even higher than those that owned a regular DS, and so they thought adding a pink color to the lineup of system colors earlier rather than …

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