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Kingdom Hearts HD Remake Collection Coming?

9 August 2011
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Kingdom Hearts Cast CG Artwork

Could Kingdom Hearts 1 HD, Kingdom Hearts 2 HD or a Kingdom Hearts Xbox 360, PS3 Collection (Wii, 3DS too?) conceivably be released in the near future? It stands to reason that Square Enix would want to re-release one of their biggest franchises of all time for a new generation, as the original Kingdom Hearts…

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Top 25 Must-Play Video Games: Kingdom Hearts (#16)

5 August 2011
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Kingdom Hearts Sora

Next at number 16 we have Square’s action/role-playing game for the PS2 Kingdom Hearts, an enchanting game that effortlessly marries iconic Square and Disney characters together! Hello everyone and welcome to Top 25 Must-Plays, the place where you can read about video games, well-known and well-hidden! All of these choices from number 25 to 1…

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