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Tidus Cosplay

30 September 2015
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Tidus Cosplay Droplets of Sexappeal Final Fantasy X Starring Margoiiia by Akami777

Get ready for this incredible Tidus Cosplay photo set from Final Fantasy X! FFX’s infamous Blitzball opening scene from the awesome intro, which showcases lead hero Tidus dripping wet, is re-created in this amazing cosplay set from Photographer “Akami777”. Playing the part of girl-magnet Tidus is incredibly capable cosplayer “Margoiiia”. Incredible work you two! Here…

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Trailer Talk: My Top Ten Favorite Video Game Trailers

10 August 2012
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Dead Island Trailer Screenshot

Welcome to the another Trailer Talk video, in which I share my thoughts on the trailers for upcoming releases! In the special tenth episode I’ll be talking about my top ten favorite video game trailers (in no particular order.) Take a look! So what do you make of my selection? Perhaps you have your own…

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Top 7 Videogame Cutscenes (Let’s Talk)

21 January 2011
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In this first “Let’s Talk” show I go over my top 7 favorite videogame cutscenes. So here’s a quick video for you guys! I’d love to hear what y’all think so please leave a comment — cutscenes are my favorite subject to rant about 🙂 What are your favorite videogame cutscenes? Side Note: All the…

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