Zelda vs Final Fantasy Crossover Box Artworks Look Awesome

Zelda vs Final Fantasy XIII Links Awakening Windfish Egg Logo

Zelda vs Final Fantasy? Zelda x Final Fantasy? What would happen if you were to take the logos of the Final Fantasy games, and give them a The Legend of Zelda crossover twist?! Well, as you can see, you’d get stunning masterpieces of Zelda & Final Fantasy design! Note the subtle change in Final Fantasy …

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Triple Triad FFVIII Card Game Included in Final Fantasy Portable App

Final Fantasy Portable App Logo Banner Artwork

Final Fantasy: Portable App with Final Fantasy VIII‘s Triple Triad Card Game included has been announced for iOS & Android, Square Enix revealed. Here’s an introduction video to Triple Triad taken from the PS1 edition of Final Fantasy VIII, for those who’ve never heard of this awesome cardgame before. Not a game, Portable App is …

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Video Game Openings – Final Fantasy VIII

There is nothing that gets your blood primed and pumped for the game ahead like a really good intro or opening. Anyone remember the first time you saw the glorious CG openings of some of Square’s best-titles? Such as those from the Playstation-era Final Fantasy titles (VIII & X are two of my favorites of …

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