Dino Crisis 2 walkthrough video guide (PSN, PS1, PC)

Dino Crisis 2 walkthrough box artwork
This Dino Crisis 2 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this interesting arcade-y sequel to the PS1 classic survivor horror title. The game is now available for download via the PSOne Classics line at the PlayStation Store.

The dinosaurs return and this time they’re really, really mad in DINO CRISIS 2. The government has secretly continued Dr. Kirk’s research into Third Energy. Once again a rift in time has opened, and everything related to the project is lost in time. Now, Regina and her special forces team must use a different time device and travel to the era where they believe the facility is now located. When the team arrives, it is quickly decimated by a dinosaur attack. It’s up to Regina and Dylan, the only two survivors, to find out what happened.

In order to defeat the dinos and return home safely, you’ll have to learn to use each character’s special talents. One thing you’ll have no matter which character you are is sharp shooting skills, which come in handy when you’ve got 10 different species of dinosaurs on your tail! If you score quick kills, you will earn you big points that can be used to obtain additional weapons, ammunition, and other supplies. The government is counting on you to retrieve the Third Energy device and return home safely in DINO CRISIS 2.

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