Big in Japan: Brave Company Trailer!

Brave Company Artwork

The first trailer for Namco Bandai and Cattle Call’s CEO simulation game Brave Company has been released! The game is set on an island which has existed for many peaceful years following the defeat of the demon king. However, the demons have devised another master-plan. In the hope of saving the world, you form a …

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Brave Company RPG Sim Announced (3DS, iOS)

Brave Company screenshots on 3DS and iOS

Brave Company has been announced as a new 3DS sim-like RPG from Namco Bandai Games developed by Cattle Call in Japan. Cattle Call (what a name, eh) is the company behind Space Invaders Get Even, Metal Max 3 and the modern Arc the Lad titles). Brave Company gives an interesting spin on the typical “group …

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