Brand New Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield 3 Boat Gameplay Atop Water

Battlefield 3 is set to up-the-ante in a short 5 days from now! The Battlefield 3 release date is set for October 25th, 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and will surely set the gaming world ablaze. And that point is driven home with this all-new, badass Online Multiplayer trailer, which leaves you breathless …

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Battlefield 3 Maps Detailed

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Map of Tehran Highway

The 9 multiplayer maps of Battlefield 3 have been detailed directly by the developers, who give you the reasons behind their creation and the reasons why the maps have been designed in the way they have. As well as the major features that make each map stand out from the next. Index of Battlefield 3 …

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Amazing Battlefield 3 Sniper Skills!

How to get amazing Battlefield 3 Sniper Skills? Spend all your time honing your long range sniping! That’s what Mflux did the entire Battlefield 3 open beta. So what are the best Battlefield 3 Sniper Shots? This amazing video compiled by youtube user mflux shows off the kind of deadly skill that you can come …

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Battlefield 3 Open Beta PC Specs Requirements

Battlefield 3: The Russian Novel Cover Art

These Battlefield 3 Open Beta system requirements for your PC specs show you the kind of machine you’ll need to run the open beta for DICE’s highly anticipated upcoming first-person shooter. The Battlefield 3 Release Date draws ever nearer, but if you want a taste of the action early, the beta is the place to …

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Battlefield 3 Storyline Details

With the release of Battlefield 3 on the horizon, here are some early story details, which we can expect to see in the newest installment! Set in 2014, SSgt Blackburn leads a five-man squad on a mission to locate, find and safely return a US squad investigating a possible chemical weapons site, whose last known …

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Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Bonus Video for Physical Warfare Pack

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

See the deadly Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack items in action in a new trailer! This pack is available as a pre-order bonus at select retailers and at Origin for the PC digital download version of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition. You can pre-order the PC digital download version at The Physical Warfare Pack contains: …

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Battlefield 3 Release Date Confirmed

Battlefield 3 Artwork for Caspian Border

The Battlefield 3 release date has been officially set to October 25th, 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mobile platforms. Battlefield 3 of course is the highly anticipated first-person shooter sequel that aims to put Call of Duty in its sights with a hyper-realistic online and offline war experience. Battlefield 3 leaps ahead …

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Battlefield 3 Vehicles List

Battlefield 3 Vehicles List Screenshot

31 vehicles are featured in Battlefield 3, the highly anticipated, hyper-realistic upcoming first-person shooter developed by DICE. Battlefield 3 Vehicles List Light Armored Vehicles 1. Growler ITV 2. HMMWV (MK 19) 3. VDV Buggy 4. GAZ-3937 Vodnik 5. Technical (PKM or DShK) 6. Technical (DShK) Infantry Fighting Vehicles 7. LAV-25 8. AAV-7A1 9. BMP-2 Main …

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Battlefield 3 Beta Opens Soon

Battlefield 3 Screenshot - Urban Warfare

The Battlefield 3 Open Beta takes place on September 11, 2011 confirmed developer EA, and it will allow fans to try out the multiplayer modes in the game ahead of the Battlefield 3 release date of October 25th. The open beta will be open to all players on all platforms who want to try out …

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Battlefield 3 DLC Free-For-All In 2011

Battlefield 3 Back to Kirkand Art

Battlefield 3 DLC runs the gamut, so here is downloadable content clarification for the highly anticipated upcoming first-person shooter that publisher Electronic Arts is labeling as it’s “Call of Duty”-killer. There are a number of Battlefield 3 pre-order options available, so here is the breakdown: Back to Karkand How To Get It: Pre-Order the Limited …

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Battlefield 3 Demo Release Uncertain

Battlefield 3 Screenshot - Tanks In Action

The release of a Battlefield 3 demo is uncertain. While a demo release for the highly anticipated “Call of Duty”-killer would seem to only make sense, it looks like EA is yet to commit on whether or not a demo will hit the market or not ahead of the actual release of the game. Maybe …

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Battlefield 3 Trailer Shows Jets Return Gameplay

Battlefield 3 Jets Gameplay Screenshot

Jets return in Battlefield 3! Although this had already been revealed previously, and pretty much confirmed by developer Digital Illusions and EA, EA sought to re-affirm, in no uncertain terms, the Jets Cometh by revealing this absolutely mind bogglingly awesome Jets gameplay footage at Gamescom 2011. NO. UNCERTAIN. TERMS. Watch. Be impressed. This “Caspian Border” …

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Battlefield 3 Preview

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

This Battlefield 3 preview gives a quick look at what can be expected from EA Digital Illusions CE’s upcoming first person shooter. Battlefield 3 is scheduled to be released on Microsoft Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 25th (US), October 28th (EU) and October 27th (AUS) 2011! It will be the eleventh installment in …

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Battlefield 3 Screenshots Gallery

Battlefield 3 Promo Image

Welcome to our Battlefield 3 Screenshots Gallery! EA Digital Illusions CE’s upcoming first person shooter is due to be released on the PC (windows), PS3 and Xbox 360 platform on October 25th (US), October 28th (EU) and October 27th (AUS) 2011! It will be the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise and a direct sequel …

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Battlefield 3 Collectors Edition Free with Pre-Order

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Physical Warfare Pack

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack will be available exclusively for pre-order in the UK and a DLC pack will be available to US residents when pre-ordering from! UK residents will be able to pre-order a Limited Edition copy of Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Pack exclusively at GAME and Gamestation while US residents …

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