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Alan Wake 2 Hints: Why It’s Not Happening Yet

29 May 2013
Alan Wake 2 Hints

Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake has released a video for fans of Alan Wake, giving Alan Wake 2 hints by explaining why it was not announced for Xbox One (or PC) last week during the Xbox One reveal; And why the developer is working on a new franchise called Quantum Break instead. In this video creative…

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Alan Wake 2 level designer wanted

4 April 2011
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Alan Wake 2 may be in development currently or entering it soon according to Remedy, who is hiring people for a new game. However there are some clues that point to the fact that this may in fact be Alan Wake 2. The first Alan Wake sold well enough to be a success, it was…

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Alan Wake 2 is Wait and see for Microsoft

3 February 2010
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Alan Wake 2 and 3 is something Microsoft is taking a “wait and see” approach with according to a new interview with CVG. It’s already been stated in the past that Remedy hopes Alan Wake will be such a success that many more sequels will follow. And it’s common knowledge amongst those that have been…

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