Atari’s Founder Speaks At Japan’s Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference

From Ritsumeikan University (Kinugasa Campus) Kyoto, Japan. At DIEC the founder of Atari spoke: “That slide’s not right. It shouldn’t read 100 megabytes,” Nolan Bushnell says. “We didn’t have 100 megabytes back then.” Hailed as “The Father of Video Games,” Bushnell is responsible for taking Pong to the masses. And unlike today, he didn’t have …

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PSP Firmware Update v2.6 Now Available

For those people out there with PSP’s, another firmware update, version 2.6, is now available. It can be downloaded from Sony’s official web-site onto a memory stick and installed, or run from an updated UMD disc. The update adds audio support for RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication v2.0) that can be streamed from the internet, …

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Half-Life 2 Goes Arcade! . . . In Japan

I thought this was interesting and totally unexpected. In a private exhibition in Tokyo today, Taito announced that it is making an arcade version of Half-Life 2 called Half-Life 2: Survivor. It runs on an arcade cabinet that looks like a typical racing game cabinet. You control the action using two joysticks on the side …

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Family Entertainment Protection Act, Federal game regulation bill put before Congress

Today senator Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) office, in collaboration with Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) (both senators who have been very vocal in the video game violence debate), have announced that she has written a bill that will go before Congress when it convenes next week, and will be jointly submitted by the two. The bill, if signed into law, will introduce federal game regulation. Although the retail portion of the bill is similar to some laws passed in Illinois, Michigan and California, the Family Entertainment Protection Act goes much further.

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Tuesday was an even slower newday with the unveiling of no Revolution news until E3 in May 2006 🙁

Playstation 3 to cost between 300-400 dollars

In an interview with Forbes magazine, one of Sony’s head honchos Howard Stringer unveiled according to him the Playstation 3 will cost in between 300 to 400 US Dollars. A price very near that of the Xbox 360, which is no surprise as that launched in the USA today. Spring 2006 will see the launch …

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