Tuesday was an even slower newday with the unveiling of no Revolution news until E3 in May 2006 🙁

Playstation 3 to cost between 300-400 dollars

In an interview with Forbes magazine, one of Sony’s head honchos Howard Stringer unveiled according to him the Playstation 3 will cost in between 300 to 400 US Dollars. A price very near that of the Xbox 360, which is no surprise as that launched in the USA today. Spring 2006 will see the launch …

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Hello World

I still need to go through the blog settings, but it looks nice with the CNN theme. I’m looking forward to updating this blog with my buddy astrotriforce. In making VideoGamesBlogger dot com, we’re looking to release only the best news we want to write about. The next-generation starts soon, but we love us some …

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