10 small words that will help you win at Scrabble

Who doesn’t love Scrabble? Personally, the world-famous word-based board game is one of my favorites. It’s right up there with Monopoly! My mom also loves the game . . . in fact that’s almost all she plays when she’s on the computer. But there are some words that expert players use that can really help …

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Apple promoting videogames in new iPhone and iPod Touch features montage

Last week Apple CEO Steve Jobs announcing the success of the App Store, where users have downloaded more than 100 million games and applications in the last 60 days. The majority of those downloads are iPhone games with over 700 games on the App Store as of today. Out of the gate, SEGA’s Super Monkey …

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Gizmondo 2 set to launch during Christmas 2008

Media Power CEO Rich Jenkins has shown off the new Gizmondo 2 handheld to Swedish press. The system is finished and will go in production in China, so it will definitely be on sale in Europe by November or December 2008 with a price expected above $99. You’ll be able to order the system from …

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Gamepark’s The Wiz announced as the successor of the GP2x handheld

The Wiz has been announced as the follow-up to GamePark’s GP2x handheld system, which was fairly successful in it’s own right. Like with the GP2x, The Wiz uses a Linux-based Operating System and has a GBA kind of feel to the hardware. The hardware, like on the last system, is wide open, allowing for homebrew …

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Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain cell-phone game by GameLoft

Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain banner

Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain is an all-new cell phone game coming from Gameloft.

Chuck Norris: Bring On the Pain Screenshot for mobile phonesStarring action hero and living meme legend Chuck Norris, the game is an explosive side-scrolling beat-em up that mixes elements from some of the best side-scrolling action games including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (throwing enemies at the screen), Final Fight, Metal Slug and Street Fighter. There is also a Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain flash game demo to get an early taste of the game’s killer action.

Just be careful that you handle the game properly, because it reeks of badassery to such a degree that you may grow more chest hair, start eating beef jerky and find yourself wrestling with a lion with your bear hands.

Features of Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain (may vary by handset) include:

* The official game of martial arts champ, action star, TV hero, and media phenomenon Chuck Norris!
* A hilarious dive into the life of the legend: martial arts, denim-clad justice, and going commando!
* Enjoyable and simple gameplay inspired by old-school arcade beat-em-ups.
* Loads of enemies, including memorable bosses such as Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il.
* Fight with heavy weaponry or unleash furious combos, then hop on a motorcycle, car or helicopter.
* Take pictures of your friends and turn them into the game’s enemies.

There is also video of the game! Although it lacks sound and music . . . but don’t worry, it’s Chuck Norris, it doesn’t need sound!

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Guy plays World of Warcraft on his iPhone

For many people who play World of Warcraft, it’s not just a game, but a religious experience. They devote hours, days, months, and yes even years, to the PC MMO . . . they are so crazy, they do stuff like this. In this video, a guy uses a program called Telekinesis (that basically streams …

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