New World of Warcraft loot sets revealed

World of WarcraftBlizzard’s official site has new info on the Tier 3 Raid Sets. These sets will be obtainable in the Naxxramas dungeon that is also seeing the light of day come patch 1.11, as well as updates to Mage and Shaman talents.

Additionally, the nine piece sets will be completable before killing Naxxaramas’ final boss Kel’Thuzad, so despite some of his alleged loot table popping up, you won’t need to kill him to utilize the sets’ eight-piece bonuses (yes, nine piece sets, with a bonus for wearing eight pieces, says 1up).

Also in the news are more WoW movie details:

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Several new Blizzard projects in the works

GameSpot recently unearthed some new info from Blizzard. When asked, Blizzard said they have several projects in the works, and that their portfolio stretches far beyond World of Warcraft, which is by far their most successful game ever, and that they the new generation consoles, mentioning specifically PS3 and 360, are in consideration for these …

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The new World of Warcraft Alliance race are the Draenei

World of Warcraft Expansion: Burning CrusadeThe NY Times reports that Blizzard has slated the Draenei to be the new Alliance race in the up-and-coming Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft.

In the Burning Crusade, much of the action will take place on a planet called Draenor. The Draenei are the remnants of a once-thriving culture there that was mostly destroyed by orcs after the orcs were corrupted by the demons of the Burning Legion, the big bad guys in the game, who oppose both the Alliance and the Horde. Here’s some footage direct from E3, wich also shows the Bloodelves:

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Blizzard announces World of Warcraft film

Legendary Pictures, who are responsible for Batman Begins and Superman Returns, is producing the movie. Paul Sams, vice president of business operations of Blizzard, says “our goal is to make one of the best films in the world. With Legendary, they have a creative and management team that is so attuned with us it was …

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Metblogs launches local blog for WOW’s Azeroth

Along with 45 “real” cities, Metroblogging now has a local blog for the MMORPG “virtual” Azeroth, from Orgrimmar to Ironforge. Which is the fictional universe in which the game World of Warcraft is based. Basically they are covering all the latest WOW events.

Blizzard CEO ends Gay Guild issue in World of Warcraft

Blizzard CEO Paul Sams has responded to the GLBT Guild issue that flared up in World of Warcraft a while back. To quote: “he again characterized the earlier decision to prohibit mention of real-world subjects in recruiting for guilds as an “unfortunate mistake,” which only came about because the initial comments weren’t properly analyzed before …

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World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.10.0 with many updates

Blizzard updated World of WarCraft to the long awaited version 1.10.0. In addition to cosmetic changes (zone-specific weather) and some new content (new class armor sets), the biggest part of this update consists of changes to the Priest class. For a full list of patch updates go here, and to download the patch go here. …

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Widespread server downtime for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is experiencing lengthy downtime. The virtual world, with over 6 million users, also announced emergency maintenance outages overnight on a large number of game servers (known as “realms”). Since both the game & website are hosted by the same provider, here’s an updated chart of the WoW website’s performance, so you can …

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World of Warcraft announces 6 million users worldwide!

I’m not sure if the World of Warcraft online servers haven’t melted yet, but Blizzard’s gone and announced World of Warcraft currently has six million users worldwide! The game hasn’t even launched in all territories yet; Blizzard’s currently working on finishing translation for the Spanish version, which will become the fourth language World of Warcraft’s …

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“You found my weak spot, Valentine!”

Alexandria Neonakis went out of her way to draw some gaming related Valentines Day “ecards”. These could be fun for you to email. Which of the following do you like best?: * Shadow of the Colossus; * We Love Katamari; * World of Warcraft cold; * World of Warcraft hot.

World of Warcraft surpasses 5 million users worldwide

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. earlier this week announced that World of Warcraft, its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has surpassed five million customers worldwide. The subscription-based MMORPG launched approximately one year ago in North America, Australia, and New Zealand and has since released in multiple countries throughout Europe and Asia. This latest milestone comes on …

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