Every Extend Extra Eview AKA a night with Mizuguchi demoing the game

Every Extend Extra on PSPVGB was invited by Buena Vista Games this Wednesday at the Kingly Club in London, UK, and this is the first hands on review on what will be “another” Tetsuya Mizuguchi classic.

I arrived at the venue at about 7.25pm to be greeted with “Hello Alan, nice to see you again” from the promoters! Nice to get the recognition, but the crash helmet can be a bit of a reminder, but hey if it works!! Down a small dark narrow stair case to what used to be a basement by the looks of it, but is now a member’s only club, very exclusive and very expensive. At the far end was a large screen running a “demo” of Every Extend Extra, from a PSP Dev-Kit.

They also had some pictures on canvas, about 60cm x 30cm. These were various images form the game, all of which Tetsuya had signed. My favourite was the image of the game cover/invite, STUNNING. I am sorry to say that these weren’t going lucky people on the night but to be auctioned off at a later date. Buggar! There weren’t too many people at the beginning as there never is, only the sad people, like me, but hey if you ain’t there you don’t know what you may be missing! I had a nice cold beer, as I was only being hospitable, sat down at a table. Eventually I decided to go and have a closer look at the demo running, which I must say was pretty impressive…

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi exclusive interview. Discover the Lumines 2 creators past, present and future plans!

Tetsuya Mizuguchi playing Lumines 2Tetsuya Mizuguchi the creator of Sega Rally, Rez, Space Channel 5 & Lumines wanted to talk to at least one blogger during his recent PR tour for Lumines 2. VGB stepped up and quickly accepted his offer. Staff member Alan will describe the events leading up to the interview for you:

I arrived at the hotel next to the UK Launch venue for the Wii. But wasn’t able to blog. Met with Gary (handy cameraman, a job is there if you want it) from the PR company and we introduced ourselves.

We quickly went over the questions that we had for Tetsuya Mizuguchi and made some minor amendments and one removal (I hope it wasn’t yours!) Once this was finalized I was allowed to play a version of Lumines 2, jammy b’stard I hear you all cry. Gary was a bit annoyed as I obliterated his Hi-Score first time, when he had been at it all day (well nearly).

It was his last interview of the day. Other people he had spoken to were The Times, The BBC, Edge Magazine to drop in a few names. Then little old me from VGB.

Gary said it was a nice relaxed end to a very hectic day with camera crews etc taking up space and time!

Before the official interview started, he had a PSP Debug kit running onto a nice 32″ Samsung LC.

Some of the questions I amended on the fly as Tetsuya Mizuguchi is such a nice chap and I didn’t want to offer a LONG question with several different points. His English as you can see is very good, but I thought it would be polite to do so.

He did enjoy the interview. As I hope it shows from the relaxed manner in which I asked the questions and the way he took time to respond.

I do hope you enjoy the first of VGB’s interviews.

You can watch the interview full screen by clicking here or here.
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Guitar Hero II 38 (new) songs revealed by MTV!

MTV’s Overdrive game site show G-Hole got a preview of Guitar Hero II for the PS2, which is due November 7th in the U.S. It looks like MTV wasn’t supposed to share nearly all the song names they saw though, and probably after a firm warning from developer Harmonix, they were quick to remove/sensor all …

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Video Game Openings – Final Fantasy VIII

There is nothing that gets your blood primed and pumped for the game ahead like a really good intro or opening. Anyone remember the first time you saw the glorious CG openings of some of Square’s best-titles? Such as those from the Playstation-era Final Fantasy titles (VIII & X are two of my favorites of …

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Mortal Kombat Armageddon 62 character select screen

Now either those are almost all characters (click picture for bigger version) from past Mortal Kombat games, or they put in 60 Shang Tsung’s and left two Create-A-Fighter spots open. All jokes aside, it’s really great to see sub-zero, blindfold-man, cap-woman, 3-eyes and zombie-liu back 😉 This list confirms Chameleon from MK Trilogy is in, …

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Mystery of Super Mario 128 disappearance solved by Shigeru Miyamoto

Super Mario 64After the 1996 release of Super Mario 64, magazines for years mentioned Super Mario 128 that would feature both Mario & Luigi for release on the N64 or its 64DD add-on. In an interview with Level3 Magazine in Sweden Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto mentions the game as one of his lost projects. Here’s the quote:

“Super Mario 128 was just one of many experimental games we had. Suddenly, everybody started talking about it. I’m in the all-too easy habit of starting a project only to later on not do much of it. There is a great deal of unfinished work on my desk. I worked on a prototype for the Nintendo 64 game with Mario and Luigi in it for some time.”

Back in 2000 Nintendo showed a “Super Mario 128 tech demo” that, while simply featuring 128 Mario’s to show the GameCube’s power, had everyone guessing as to whether or not a Mario & Luigi 3D adventure would appear on GameCube. Well, a few years later Super Mario Sunshine appeared without Luigi and this is confirmation the idea simply got dumped in Mr. Miyamoto’s drawer.

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