Unlock all Saints Row 2 codes, cheats and secrets

With Saints Row 2 finally released this week. It’s time to unlock all its codes, cheats and secrets.

Saints Row 2 explosion screenshotFirst enter the cheat codes mode:
While playing the game, press on the Start button to pause the game and show the cellphone. With that opened, select Dial, enter one of the below listed numbers, and then select Call to get a confirmation message. Latsly you can go to the Cheats Menu and select the now unlocked option(s) to cheat.

PLEASE NOTE: Using cheats will prevent achievements / trophies from being earned.

Each cheat code number is followed by its effect:

#1 — Full Health
#11 — Unlimited Ammo
#12 — Heaven Bound
#15 — Drunk Pedestrians
#16 — Evil Cars
#18 — Low Gravity
#19 — Pedestrian Wars
#1056 — Repair Vehicle Damage
#1200 — Set Time To Noon
#2 — Car Mass Increased
#20 — Raining Pedestrians
#200 — Become Giant
#201 — Become Itty Bitty
#202 — Everybody is Shrunk
#2400 — Set Time To Midnight
#3 — Milk Bones
#35 — Add Gang Notoriety
#36 — Never Die

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