Summer Game Fest 2024 Roundup

The E3 2024-replacement Summer Game Fest 2024 Press Conference broadcast aired today, has revealed brand new information about developer’s PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, PC & Mobile games lineup. Geoff Keighley’s Summer-long event started on June 7th at 2:00PM PDT (Pacific USA) / 5:00PM EDT (Eastern USA) / 10:00PM BST (London) / 11:00PM CEST (Europe) / 12:00AM MSK (Russia) / 2:00AM IST (India) / 5:00AM CST (China) / 6:00AM JST (Japan) / 7:00AM AEST (Sydney, Australia) and lasted 2 hours. What follows is a bulletpoints roundup

The biggest world premieres included Lego Horizon Adventures, SKATE 4, Sid Meier’s Civilization 7, Batman: Arham Shadow, Slitterhead, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind, Wanderstop, Unknown 9: Awakening, Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, Hyper Light Breaker. As well as favorites like: Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, Star Wars Outlaws, Black Myth: Wukong, Mecha Break, Cuffbust, Once Human, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, Alan Wake 2: Night Springs, Party Animals.

Summer Game Fest 2024 Livestream

Here’s the full Summer Game Fest 2024 broadcast video:

SUMMER GAME FEST 2024 (4K60FPS) – Monster Hunter Wilds, Lego Horizon Adventures, Killer Bean

Summer Game Fest 2024 continues all weekend with the PC, Xbox & Bethesda & Activision-Blizzard Showcases on Sunday! Ubisoft will follow next week.

Summer Game Fest 2024 Press Conference Roundup

  • [27:19] Lego Horizon Adventures world reveal trailer shown by Sony & Lego. Often rumored, leaked, but never seen. Aloy looks great in Lego fig! Couch & ONLINE 2-player co-op gameplay, finally online co-op! Camp & vehicle building. Mechanic dinosaur & treasure hunting. Release date is Holiday 2024 on Switch, PS5, PC via Steam & Epic Games Store.
  • [30:16] No More Room in Hell 2 first trailer shown. After Chivalry 2 the devs are making a permadeath game.
  • [32:35] Harry Potter Quidditch Champions trailer shown. It’s exactly what you think it is. Release date is September 3, 2024 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC via Steam & Epic Games Store. Available from Day 1 with PlayStation Plus.
  • [34:12] Cuffbust trailer shown from Two Star Games, which is actually 1 person making it. “Coming in 2025 maybe, IDK TBH.”
  • [36:43] Star Wars Outlaws exclusive first glimpse at the game. Coming August 30, 2024? More info at the Ubisoft Forward show.
  • [38:11] Neva, from the creators of Gris. Trailer shows the protagonist traveling the 2.5D picturesque game-world with a wolf. Beautiful swordplay and platforming animations.
  • [39:59] Sid Meier’s Civilization 7 world premiere trailer shown! Gameplay reveal coming August 2024. Game release in 2025 on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch.
  • [42:01] Black Myth: Wukong new trailer shows the game still looks awesome! Release date is August 20, 2024 on PS5, PC (via Steam & Epic Games Store). Deluxe Edition announced, includes the constricting headband of the main character at scale in bronze and more like the Wind Chime necklace and Thunderstone ring. The Collector’s Edition adds more, but switches out the headband with a 40 cm. large protagonist figurine.
  • [43:27] The “best VR game ever made” Asgard’s Wrath is now free if you buy a Meta Quest 3.
  • [43:57] Once Human trailer shown by Starry studio. Super weird creatures you’ll encounter as you cross the game world on a motorcycle. Release date is July 9, 2024 on PC via Steam & Epic Games Store.
  • [45:29] Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 trailer shows intense battles. Release date is September 9, 2024 on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X/S.
  • [46:17] Atlus’ Studio Zero announces a new RPG called Metaphor: ReFantazio. Two devs from Japan came onstage to explain with magic seeker, gunner, cleric, merchant, ninja, assassin, paladin, dark knight, dragoon. Over 40 types of archetypes, some can evolve into another form. Looks like a fun power fantasy like you see in manga’s nowadays. Release date is October 11, 2024 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.
  • [50:45] Batman: Arham Shadow announced only on Meta Quest 3. Batman fights the Rat King. Gameplay reveal at Gamescom.
  • [52:33] Street Fighter 6 is getting more character DLC in Year 2. Terry from Fatal Fury joins. Mai, Elena & M. Bison too.
  • [54:05] Tears of Metal debut trailer. Swordfighting in the middle ages. One year after the dragon meteor invasion the Scots rebelled. Pick a clan and fight for survival in this co-op roguelike survival hack ‘n slash game. Coming to Steam.
  • [55:35] The Budokai Tenkaichi series returns for a 4th time with Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. Fight as a Legend! There will no doubt be too many characters to count! Release date finally announced as October 11, 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S & PC (Steam). The pre-order bonus is getting early unlocks for 6 characters including Broly, as well as a mystery playable character unlock.
  • [57:23] Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Extraction Mode trailer shown. Global PC alpha test coming July 2024 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation, Xbox, Apple iOS & Android. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down licensed from the movie for a special mode in the game!
  • [1:00:15] Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves trailer shown!
  • [1:01:58] Battle Crush animated & gameplay trailer shows the PC (Steam), Switch & Mobile game.
  • [1:03:29] Mecha Break debut trailer shown. Promises electrifying mecha combat. Looks like Gundam, very cool. Closed beta test starts August 2024.
  • [1:04:49] Sleep Awake debut trailer from the Blumhouse creators of the Megan & Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 & 2 movies. Shows many different gameplay styles, from 2D SNES pixels, to retro PS1 and modern 3D horror games. Not sure if it’s one game that combines many different graphic/gameplay styles as dreams or just many different smaller & bigger games being published by them from different horror indie devs? Ah it’s the latter, Fear the Spotlight will be the first of many horror games.
  • [1:10:37] New Power Rangers game with a retro SNES feel from Digital Eclipse. It’s called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind. Time to finally stop Rita. It’s morphin time! Coming in 2024 to PC via Steam.
  • [1:11:50] Deer & Boy moody trailer shown. Coming to PC via Steam.
  • [1:14:02] Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 brand new trailer shown. Two brothers get a second chance to fight. Coming 2024 to PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X/S.
  • [1:16:08] Slitterhead from the creator of the Japanese Silent Hill game series gets a new trailer years after it was announced. Slow methodical horror game where you can possess different people, or even dogs, and jump from one to the other as gruesome creators chase you. Release date announced for November 8, 2024 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S & PC (Steam & Epic Games Store)
  • [1:18:22] Killer Bean debut trailer shown. Looks like an action-packed animated-style Max Payne game with a sense of humor. Early access in Summer 2024. Matrix Reloaded animator is the sole dev.
  • [1:20:33] Cairn debut trailer shown by the French The Game Bakers. It’s a cel-shaded survival climber game.
  • [1:23:31] Wanderstop debut trailer shown by the creators of The Stanley Parable & The Beginner’s Guide. She runs a tea shop in the peaceful forest, but there’s a twist, she seems to be having PTSD from a war with arena battles or maybe her past is actually coming back to haunt her. Coming in 2024 to PS5 & PC (Steam).
  • [1:25:42] Unknown 9: Awakening debut trailer shown by Bandai Namco. Seeped in Indian culture history, but taking place in the far future with space travel. The 9 are immortal, sacred humans, but the villain aims to destroy them. Release date is Fall 2024 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.
  • [1:27:12] Monster Hunter Stories 1 & 2 trailer shown by Capcom. Coming next week on June 14, 2024.
  • [1:27:42] Enotria: The Last Song trailer shown. Hero battle arena game? Demo available now. Release date is September 19, 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (via Steam & Epic Games Store). Deluxe Edition has extras, DLC and 3 days early access.
  • [1:30:05] The First Descendant debut trailer shown by Nexon. It’s a looter-shooter with a grappling hook mechanic. It looks like if Destiny had a world that looked alive, but then again this is only a CGI trailer. It’s another level-up hero shooter where you team up? Release date is July 2, 2024 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (via Steam).
  • [1:32:21] Outersloth indie dev investment studio announced by the Among Us devs. Funded games are: Mars First Logistics (looks really good!), Battle Suit Aces, Mossfield Archives, One Button Bosses, Rogue Eclipse, Project Dosa.
  • [1:36:12] And a Among Us animated TV show sneak-peak, show coming soon to CBS. More at
  • [1:37:32] Sonic X Shadow Generations new trailer shows Shadow’s brand new powers. Two epic adventures in platforming in one collection. Release date is October 25, 2024 on Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (via Steam & Epic Games Store). Pre-order bonus is a Sonic Adventure Legacy Skin. The Digital Deluxe Edition has an additional level and skin for Shadow as well as 3 days early access.
  • [1:39:32] Dune Awakening new trailer shown. A Dune open world survival MMO that is said to be really really good. It’s coming to PC (Steam), PS5 & Xbox Series X/S. More at
  • [1:41:08] Battle Aces debut trailer show beautifully animated anime feel with mech battles. An RTS game for everyone, Unit Decks allow you to play your way. More info at:
  • [1:44:10] The Finals – Season 3 trailer shows what’s coming next week. New Arena, new Ranked Mode, new Loadouts and weekly tournaments. Free-to-play game, starts June 13, 2024.
  • [1:45:15] Alan Wake 2: Night Springs expansion features 3 episodes. Sam Lake announces it’s coming out tomorrow, but it’s exclusive to the Deluxe Edition! World premiere trailer shows it’s going to get weird, real weird. Physical Deluxe & Collector’s Editions of Alan Wake II coming this Fall with pre-orders starting tomorrow.
  • [1:49:01] New World: Aeternum (latest expansion name?) MMO debut trailer shown by Amazon Studios with a mix of CGI and in-game gameplay. Beautiful music. Release date is October 15, 2024 on PC (Steam), PS5 & Xbox Series X/S. Note that you can now play the whole game solo, but there’s co-op and cross-play as well.
  • [1:50:47] Honkai Star Rail goes to dream land in the latest trailer. That’s all I got, no idea what’s going on. I’m more surprised predatory gacha games are still so popular.
  • [1:52:18] Dark and Darker trailer shows the magical world where mages fight skeletons and dragons to survive dungeons. Available now as a PvP free-to-play game on PC (via Steam & Epic Game Store).
  • [1:54:26] Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess new trailer shown by Capcom. It’s a strategic hack ‘n slash? The game’s use of colors and monster design keeps giving me Onimusha vibes. Release date is July 19, 2024 on PC (via Steam & Windows), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.
  • [1:55:27] Hyper Light Breaker debut trailer shown. Full campaign co-op. Explore and collect in this action-packed game. Available in early access in late Summer 2024 on PC via Steam.
  • [1:56:27] Party Animals “Like An Animal” trailer shows the cutesy arena battler, but other modes like go-karting are promised too. Coming to Steam and Xbox.
  • [1:57:27] M Corp, the leader in creative accounting, live-action comedy skit introduces a mystery game. Find out mroe at: Oh wait, it’s SKATE 4, EA are still working on it they say… but now it’s called “skate.“. Sign up for the Fall 2024 playtest here:
  • [2:00:46] Palworld first major update with new island & new pals shown off in Sakurajima’s Update trailer. Xbox gets dedicated servers too. New buildings and level cap. Coming June 27, 2024.
  • [2:02:27] Valorant new trailer shows Riot Games reveals after 4 years it’s coming to consoles in 2024: PS5 & Xbox Series X/S. Free limited beta June 14, 2024 at:
  • [2:08:10] Fun segment next where Yong Yea was announced as the voice of a video game character in the animated movie Inside Out 2. Funny clip.
  • [2:09:49] There was also a long ad for the Mobile (iOS, Android) game Squad Busters starring funnymen Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Ken Jeong (Chicken).
  • [2:13:00] Monster Hunter Wilds debut trailer shown by Capcom. Announced by the Monster Hunter series director, who teases the monster shown at the end of the trailer is very important to the story. Coming in 2025 to PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X/S at the same time. Gameplay at Gamescom in August.
  • [2:17:25] Phantom Blade Zero new trailer shown, the final game of the evening. Swordplay, parkour, stealth, bosses, it’s up to you to take them down in this fast-paced action game.
  • [2:22:09] Day of the Devs is next for an hour of indie games.

Timeline of Summer Game Fest 2024 Day 1:

  • 24:09 intro
  • 27:19 Lego Horizon Adventures
  • 30:16 No More Room in Hell 2
  • 32:35 Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions (September 3)
  • 34:12 Cuffbust
  • 36:43 Star Wars Outlaws {more at Ubi Forward} (August 30)
  • 38:11 Neva {more at Devolver direct}
  • 39:59 Civilization VII
  • 42:01 Black Myth Wukong (August 20)
  • 43:27 Asgard’s Wrath (Meta Quest 3)
  • 43:57 Once Human (July 9)
  • 45:29 Warhammer 40K: Space Marine II (September 9)
  • 46:17 Metaphor Re Fantzio (October 11)
  • 50:45 Batman Arkham Shadow (Meta Quest 3)
  • 52:33 Street Fighter 6
  • 54:05 Tears of Metal
  • 55:35 Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero (October 11)
  • 57:23 Delta Force: Hawk Ops
  • 1:00:15 Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves
  • 1:01:58 Battle Crush (Early Access June 27)
  • 1:03:29 Mecha Break
  • 1:04:49 Blumhouse Games (Studio)
  • 1:10:37 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind
  • 1:11:50 Deer & Boy
  • 1:14:02 Kingdom Come Deliverance II
  • 1:16:08 Slitterhead (November 8)
  • 1:18:22 Killer Bean
  • 1:20:33 Cairn {more at Day of Devs}
  • 1:23:31 Wanderstop
  • 1:25:42 Unkown9 Awakening
  • 1:27:12 Monster Hunter Stories (June 14)
  • 1:27:42 Enotria the Last Song (September 19)
  • 1:30:05 The First Descendant (July 2)
  • 1:32:21 (not a game) Outersloth Charity fund?? cool
  • 1:36:12 Among Us TV Show @ CBS
  • 1:37:32 Sonic X Shadow Generations (Collection, October 25)
  • 1:39:12 Dune Awakening {more at gamescom in August}
  • 1:41:08 Battle Aces
  • 1:44:10 The Finals
  • 1:45:15 Alan Wake II
  • 1:49:01 New World Eternum (October 15)
  • 1:50:47 Honkai Star Rail
  • 1:52:18 Dark and Darker
  • 1:54:26 Kunitau-Gami: Path of the Goddess (July 19)
  • 1:55:27 Hyper Light Breaker
  • 1:56:27 Party Animals (DOGGO!?!)
  • 1:57:27 M Corp – Skate
  • 2:00:46 Palworld
  • 2:02:27 Valorant
  • 2:08:10 Inside Out 2 (Pixar Movie) ft. YongYea
  • 2:09:49 Ken Jeong & Chicken???? Squad Busters Mobile game
  • 2:13:00 Monster Hunter Wilds {more at gamescom in August}
  • 2:17:25 Phantom Blade Zero
  • 2:19:22 outro

Day of the Devs 2024 Roundup

After the main event ended, there’s another hour-long Day of the Devs best indie games show, including some indie games you may not have heard of like Phoenix Springs (at 3:14:52).

Day of the Devs indie games showcase starts (2:22:09):

  • [Yet to be added]

Credit: Summer Game Fest

What’s your favorite Summer Game Fest 2024 announcement?