Palworld How To Get The Best Overpowered Pals

Find out in Palworld how to get the best overpowered pals in this guide for the PC, Xbox Series X & Xbox One multiplayer open-world survival action-adventure monster-collecting game.

This breeding guide for Palworld shows how to get 5 incredibly amazing (and slightly overpowered) pals extremely early in the game, these pals will also last you through to the endgame as well.

The top 5 pals are: Anubis, Secks, Vash, Lunarious & Waro Botton.

Palworld – The BEST 5 Pals To Breed ASAP to get Overpowered Pals

Best Pals Timeline:

  • [01:23] — Anubis: The Strong Companion
  • Anubis’s strengths and abilities.
  • Significance of Anubis in battles.
  • Optimizing Anubis’s work suitability for enhanced performance.
  • [02:33] — Secks: Cloth Producer
  • Secks’s unique ability to produce high-quality cloth.
  • Strategic advantage of utilizing Secks in ranch management.
  • Accessibility and commonality of Nightwing and Cinemoth for Secks breeding.
  • [04:10] — Vash: Versatile Base Companion
  • Vash’s impact on player movement speed and attack enhancements.
  • Comprehensive analysis of Vash’s work suitability for base efficiency.
  • Advantages of quick breeding and early acquisition of Vash.
  • [05:43] — Lunarious: Gravity Manipulator
  • Lunarious’s utility in increasing player’s maximum carrying capacity.
  • Assessment of Lunarious’s work suitability and its continuous usefulness.
  • Strategic importance of Lunarious from early game to endgame scenarios.
  • [06:47] — Waro Botton: Efficient Transporter
  • Waro Botton’s specialization in transportation.
  • Unique advantage of Waro Botton’s level five transportation rank.
  • Application of Waro Botton in optimizing farm management and resource transportation.

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Credits: Pocket Pair & Primalliquid.