Palworld How To Get The Best Weapon

Find out in Palworld how to get the best weapon in this guide for the PC, Xbox Series X & Xbox One multiplayer open-world survival action-adventure monster-collecting game.

The legendary rocket launcher in Palworld is by far the best weapon in the game, able to blow up entire bases.

Palworld – How To Get The Legendary Rocket Launcher – The Strongest Weapons in the Game
  • The legendary rocket launcher in Palworld has an attack of 14,000, making it the strongest weapon in the game.
  • Obtaining the legendary rocket launcher requires significant effort as it is extremely rare and can take numerous attempts to acquire.
  • To increase chances of success, players should use high-level armor, powerful weapons like the legendary assault rifle, and ensure they have enough ammo.
  • Jet Dragon drops the legendary rocket launcher, but players may need to defeat it multiple times before obtaining the weapon schematic.
  • Changing game settings to allow for faster day-night cycles can expedite the respawn of Jet Dragons for farming.
  • Players can sleep in-game to speed up the respawn process, but it’s more efficient with normal day-night cycles due to travel time.
  • Make sure to prevent encumbrance during farming, it can happen due to the abundance of picking up ores in the area.

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