Sony CES 2024 Roundup: Gravity Rush Movie Footage, Patapon 4 Game & Anime Announced, Sony Honda Car!

During Sony’s first day at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES 2024) they held a livestream presentation of what’s coming up for Sony Pictures movies, TV series and Sony Entertainment video games, mostly showing off how advanced their film & motion capture technology is. However, long-time PlayStation fans will be happy with this Sony CES 2024 roundup!

Sony CES 2024 Roundup

This was Sony’s focus: “Torchlight is a unique blend of technologists and creatives able to communicate and realize filmmakers vision. Torchlight serves productions in each step of the Virtual Production process from pre-production to post.”

During this Torchlight showcase, Sony explained their new studio space can be used for developing new IP’s in the film, anime and gaming space.

Of course we’ll hone in on the gamer’s focus: The gaming space included Sony showing off Gravity Rush Movie footage, as well as a tentatively (by us) titled Patapon 4 game & anime being announced! Awesome!

Here’s a gallery of the newly announced titles. Click on each thumbnail to get the full-size image:

Up first, the 3 minute video clip showing filming and prototype footage of the Gravity Rush Movie (at 2:15 minutes) and a surprise first look at the two new Patapon projects (at 2:32 minutes).

Realizing Vision | CES 2024 | Sony Official

The Sony-Honda Car: Gaming in and WITH the Self-Driving Car

Up next, the full Sony CES 2024 presentation. It’s not very exciting, but at 29 minutes in it does show a Sony-Honda’s Afeela “self-driving” car being controlled by a PlayStation 5 controller!

Sony and Honda collaborate on mobility, aiming to redefine the relationship between people and vehicles, incorporating AI and creating a software-defined vehicle. Sony Honda Mobility plans to establish diverse development environments, creating a creative community for users and developers, utilizing AI and gamification.

Sony Honda Mobility collaborates with Microsoft Azure to develop conversational personal agents, enhancing the in-vehicle experience through generative AI and cloud-scale computing. Sony explores merging human senses and emotions into mobility development, collaborating with their Gran Turismo car game developer Polyon Digital.

Here’s the full Sony CES 2024 broadcast video.

CES 2024 Press Conference?Sony Official

What Sony SHOULD Have Done: Live-Action Gravity Rush Movie and Anime

2012’s Gravity Rush on PSP (titled Gravity Daze in Japan), 2015’s Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4 and 2017’s Gravity Rush 2 on PS4, all enjoyed quite the creative launches. It’s truly ironic that…

A) With the original game getting a beautifully animated full-fledged 20-minute anime episode bridging the two games produced by Studio Khara (Rebuild of Evangelion); and …

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture | Parts A & B

B) The Gravity Rush sequel getting a wonderfully gravity-defying 3-minute live-action TV commercial made by Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (best TV spot ever) …

… Yet Sony still opted to go for a weird CGI-looking Gravity Rush Movie test shoot, when you have both of the above-shown jaw-dropping amazing source materials that conceptualize a much better style of Anime and Live-Action Movie! Wake up Sony and take the hint, the above two videos keep your eyes glued to the screen for a reason! 🙂

PS: Both PS4 Gravity Rush games are playable on PS5 through the backwards compatibility program.

Bonus Good News for Patapon Fans: Spiritual Sequel Ratatan

With Sony’s Japan Studios disbanded — who were the very creative PlayStation studio behind the original Patapon & Gravity Rush games — you’ll be happy to hear that Patapon is getting a spiritual successor from the original creative team called Ratatan.

The team crowdfunded $1.5 million via Kickstarter, which says the game is coming to PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch in April 2025. About time too, it’s been too long since Patapon 3 back in 2011! 😮

Ratatan – Official Gameplay Trailer

Are you a fan of the Gravity Rush and/or Patapon games? I own them all, love ’em! 😀