How Long To Beat Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? 40 Hours Main Story, 100 Hours to 100%

How long to beat Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

It takes 40 hours to finish the main story, and over 100 hours to 100% complete the PlayStation 5-exclusive video game. That is about twice as long as Part 1 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here are the full details according to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi: Part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s “Side content makes up about 80% of the exploration-based content, but even just focusing on the main storyline, players can still expect about 40 hours of gameplay. Meanwhile, those who do a good amount of side content should expect approximately a 60-hour playthrough, while the most dedicated sidequesters could top the 100-hour mark for their save file.”

Thanks to a GameInformer Final Fantasy VII Rebirth preview, we got the official word from the Square Enix director.

Open World Details.

Game director Naoki Hamaguchi gave the magazine a hands-off demo. To show off the open world, he pulled up the world map to show just how massive the explorable area of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is.

While each section of each region – in this case, Grasslands and Junon – is labeled on the map as separate areas, you can seamlessly walk between them.

To quote Hamaguchi-san: “We thought that it would be easier for players to go to just one region, and so from a U.I. perspective, we have it separated – Junon and Grasslands – but in actuality, you can traverse, and they’re all connected with each other.”

New Cities Info.

Hamaguchi further showed off the Crow’s Nest, a new town not present in the original Final Fantasy VII. This sister town to Under Junon shares the same anti-Shinra sentiment and serves as a hub for sidequests and minigames*.

To quote him: “In Rebirth, we’ve added these types of cities like the Crow’s Nest – totally new cities that did not exist in the original to go deeper and create this whole worldview of Rebirth.”

*Through exploration, Cloud can find sheet music for compositions within the Final Fantasy VII world. He can then sit at a piano and play the music as part of a rhythm-based minigame.

About Sidequests.

Sidequests play a huge role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, if players choose to tackle them. Making players seek this side content out was a mission the development team took on.

To quote him: “Part of our game design that we took on for Rebirth is that in the main storyline, you’ll be saving Yuffie and Under Junon, and then from there, going towards Junon, and then go forward towards Costa del Sol. But for example, hearing the stories of the anti-Shinra people living in Under Junon, you could then feel like, ‘What about this Crow’s Nest area that I’m hearing about? Maybe I want to go over there and explore and go into a side adventure on my own to save people.’ We want the player to be able to make these different adventures and go on their own journeys according to their interests.”

Sidequests will give you plenty of additional opportunities to learn about the world and its denizens, but one of their primary functions in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is to expand on the relationships between the characters. Sidequests feature specific secondary protagonists alongside Cloud; completing the quest will deepen and expand the relationship between Cloud and that character. For example like Cloud and Tifa bonding, as shown in the image at the top of this page.

More details in the preview linked above.

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