Grand Theft Auto 6 Official Trailer Leaked Early

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the official first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has leaked half a day early, so they decided to post it online in 4K UHD right away! Go back to Vice City in 2025. 😀

Graphics and story look awesome! But only getting a release year (2025) confirmed isn’t much, but it’s something. I am going to assume this will come to PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X at the same time (and Switch 2 if it’s powerful enough). I don’t think for GTA6 they’ll go the console-exclusive route the first year like they did with GTA5.

Watch Grand Theft Auto 6 Official Trailer #1 here:

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

Because we’re living the future right now, here’s a hilarious Artificial Intelligence description of the trailer…

  • 00:06 – Introduction and Setting the Tone
  • Setting the stage for the narrative,
  • Establishing the importance of teamwork and trust in the storyline.
  • 00:26 – Character Dynamics and Relationships
  • Emphasis on the significance of unity among characters,
  • Hinting at the complexities of relationships within the storyline.
  • 00:47 – Unveiling Gameplay Theme
  • Teasing gameplay elements with expressions like “Woohoo!”,
  • Reinforcing the idea of teamwork as a core gameplay concept.

Song: Love Is A Long Road
Artist: Tom Petty
Written by: Thomas Earl Petty and Michael W. Campbell
Published by: Universal Music Works on behalf of Wild Gator Music (GMR) and Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. as agent for Gone Gator Music (ASCAP) and NotoriousJBPSongs (ASCAP) Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

So the Grand Theft Auto 6 official trailer leaked 12 hours early, but we may still have to wait 2 full years to play the game. 🙁 Now release a gameplay trailer to show us what makes this THE next GTA.

Are you excited to play Grand Theft Auto 6?