Lethal Company: How To Kill All Monsters & Threats

Find out in Lethal Company how to kill and counter all Monsters and Threats during your first-person horror adventure on PC.

The timeline for all these in-game dangers is listed below.

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Lethal Company All Monsters & Threats Guide

Let’s find out about all Monsters & Threats in the game and how to counter them in Lethal Company, as described in this detailed video guide.

Timeline in minutes for the Monsters / Threats Locations Guide:

  • 00:54 — Roaming Locusts
  • 01:08 — Manticoil
  • 01:24 — Circuit Bees
  • 02:16 — Baboon Hawk
  • 03:05 — Earth Leviathan
  • 04:35 — Eyeless Dog
  • 06:04 — Forest Giant
  • 07:58 — Hygrodere
  • 08:52 — Spore Lizard
  • 09:44 — Hoarding Bug
  • 10:46 — Snare Flea
  • 12:04 — Bunker Spiders
  • 13:07 — Thumper
  • 14:23 — Bracken
  • 16:11 — Ghost Girl
  • 17:49 — Coil-Head
  • 19:05 — Jester
  • 20:26 — Steam
  • 21:13 — Landmine
  • 21:40 — Turret
  • 22:58 — Falls
  • 23:27 — Stormy
  • 24:12 — Flooded
  • 25:04 — Broken Bridge
  • 25:25 — Quicksand
All Monsters & Threats and How To Counter Them in Lethal Company

Video Tips Roundup:

  • [00:00] Overview of Outdoor Monsters
  • Roaming Locus and Manty Coils are benign, good for completionists.
  • Circuit Bees aggressively defend their hive, require strategic hive stealing.
  • Baboon Hawks are shy alone but turn aggressive in groups; use group tactics.

  • [04:44] Insight on Eyeless Dog Behavior
  • Eyeless dogs are blind and rely on noise; stay silent to avoid detection.
  • Eyeless dogs become aggressive if aggroed; use matador tactics to avoid their charge.
  • Eyeless dogs have charge slide attacks; use obstacles to dodge and counter.

  • [06:20] Strategies for Dealing with Forest Giants
  • Forest Giants are large, formidable outdoor threats.
  • Use environmental structures to hide from Forest Giants.
  • Forest Giants rely on eyesight; stay quiet and use stealth to avoid aggro.
  • Interrupt Forest Giant’s death animation with stun grenades or teleporters.

  • [08:01] Introduction to Facility Threats
  • Introduction to indoor facility threats, starting with weaker enemies.
  • Hyro Deer is slow and inconvenient; easily avoidable with proper planning.
  • Spore Lizards are more scared of you; ignore them unless cornered.
  • Hoarding Bugs are non-aggressive unless provoked; avoid personal space.

  • [11:05] Dealing with Snare Fleas and Bunker Spiders
  • Tips for handling Snare Fleas and Bunker Spiders.
  • Snare Fleas are ambush predators; look up and stay calm to avoid surprise attacks.
  • Bunker Spiders are territorial; use elevated surfaces to avoid their attacks.

  • [13:24] Strategies for Thumpers
  • Thumpers are fast and sound-sensitive; require careful handling.
  • Thumpers are ankle biters; use elevated surfaces to avoid their attacks.
  • Thumpers are fast; use tight turns, stairs, or obstacles to outmaneuver them.

  • [14:20] Caution for Bracken and Ghost Girl
  • Bracken and Ghost Girl are highly dangerous enemies; require special attention.
  • Bracken is a stealthy neck-snapper; constantly check surroundings to avoid surprise attacks.
  • Ghost Girl haunts one person in the group; others can’t see her, use ship radar.
  • Ghost Girl has passive and hunting states; stay vigilant during hunting mode and run.

  • [17:33] Facility Monsters Overview
  • Overview of facility monsters, focusing on the Huntress.
  • Tips for dealing with the Huntress, including running to the ship and the potential risk of being followed.

  • [18:01] Coil Heads – Fastest Enemies
  • Description of Coil Heads, the fastest enemies in the game.
  • Coil Heads’ major weakness: they freeze when a player has eyes on them.
  • Solo vs. group strategies for dealing with Coil Heads.

  • [18:56] The Jester – Run Ender
  • Introduction to the Jester and its passive behavior in box form.
  • Explanation of triggering the Jester and the countdown mechanism.
  • Urgent need to leave the facility once the Jester starts cranking its clock.

  • [20:36] Internal Threats: Steam Outbursts
  • Steam as an obstacle: blindness, reflection, and dangers when encountering other threats.
  • Importance of locating and turning off the steam source to avoid instant death.

  • [21:18] Internal Threats: Landmines and Turrets
  • Differentiating true landmines from proximity mines.
  • Turrets as a significant threat without a command chair person.
  • Strategies for dealing with turrets, including sneaking and using the command chair.

  • [23:08] External Threats: Fall Damage and Thunderstorm
  • Awareness of potential fall damage in certain terrains.
  • Thunderstorm impact on metallic objects, static buildup, and lightning strikes.
  • Strategies to avoid lightning strikes during stormy conditions.

  • [24:18] External Threats: Flooded Maps
  • Dangers of flooded maps: stamina drainage, drowning risk, and time management.
  • Risks associated with heavy items, bridges, and potential ship inaccessibility.
  • Cautionary measures for handling flooded maps.

  • [25:28] External Threats: Quicksand & Sludge Pits
  • Introduction to quicksand/sludge pits as random or rainy map features.
  • Danger posed by pits: suction, instant death, and identifying their appearance.
  • Recommended action: promptly turn around and walk away if encountering these pits.

I hope these tips helped you get past all of the dangers hidden in the game.

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