Disgaea 7 Cheats

Looking for Disgaea 7 cheats on PS5, PS4, Switch & PC? Here we’ll list Disgaea 7 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nippon Ichi Software’s new Tactical RPG game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Disgaea 7 codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS5 & Switch versions (where available).

Take a look at the full Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless cheats list below, that does include story spoilers, courtesy of Primalliquid… Thanks so much!

Disgaea 7 Early Grinding Maps Guide

These maps are not really to be used for any serious period of time, they are soley here for a quick few levels to help you progress faster.

Stage 3-4 has a 50% exp boost geo effect, requires throwing

Stage 5-1 has a 20% damage geo effect making this an excellent stage to do the 3×3 heal trick, simply put your characters in a square shape on the geo effect, let it damage it them and then use a heal spell with the final range upgrade.

Stage 7-3 5 Mobs in an X shape and geo effects for increased attack, HL, Mana and EXP by 50% however the mobs survive the first hit so you need atleast 2 attackers.

Stage 9-4 has 2 groups of 5 with 2 geo effects, one for 100% exp and the other for 100% Mana

Stage 14-3 Seriously don’t do this stage, instead go ahead and look at EXP Grinding in this guide.

Early Game Grinding Spot Locations Guide:

Disgaea 7 The 5 BEST EARLY Farming Stages For EXP, HL, Mana And Proficiency

Disgaea 7 How To All Extra Unique and Common Evility Slots

You can have a total of 5 Unique slots and 24 Common slots for unique characters, 4 Unique slots and 24 common for Generic Characters.

In order to unlock the 3 unique evility slots you must:

1.       Pass a bill in the dark assembly on each character for 1 million Mana once you complete the game.

2.       Kill the boss in Carnage mode Stage 15 (need the final carnage bounty bill to unlock this stage)

3.       Kill Baal in Normal Mode

For the last 2, only the killing character unlocks the slot.

For common slots you earn the first 14 slots by leveling up to level 9999, the remaining 10 slots are unlocked via mastering class proficiency with the final slot unlocking once all classes are mastered.

Disgaea 7 How To Unlock All Classes

This will only cover the classes that require unlocking. In order to unlock a class you must first accept the quest bill from the quest board, you will not be able to unlock all classes until close to the end of the main storyline.

The Classes to unlock are:

Ranger and Archer – requires you to have a character in your party that has atleast level 5 bow weapon mastery.

Gunner and Gunslinger – Same as above however instead of bow, you need somebody with level 5 Gun weapon mastery.

Ninja and Kunoichi – Costs 5000 HL.

Male Samurai and Lady Samurai – Must have a Rank 2 warrior/Valkyrie & Archer/Ranger in your party (just having the profficiceny does not count, you must have the units made at the correct or higher rank).

Male and Female Armor Knights – Turn in Armor with more than 300 Def, this is easy to do ether buy the armor from the shop or get it from hospital gacha.

Sorcerer – Get attacked 100 times by enemies.

Maiko – This is the one i imagine most of you are looking at this guide for, to get Angel cake there are 2 ways. The first is to get lucky with drops on the final Martial Gara stage (on the Japanese version it took over 500 stage completes to get it, and the English version took me over 1200) the way i actually suggest doing it is to go into the item world and find the shop mystery room as the NPC sells it (might not always appear as her inv rotates).

Magic Knight – costs 1000 Mana from the juice bar, cant remember if you lose it or if you have to spend the mana on a character, but 1000 mana is easy enough to get.

Psychic – Same as Armor knight only this time you need a Gun with over 300 Hit, just buy it from the shop.

Professor – Same as above, Glasses with over 300 Int.

Mecha Girl – The unit everybody wants, for this you need to have a Rank 4 Samurai, Armor Knight & Psychic all made and in the party.

Celestial Hostess – Same as above only the units need to be a Rank 4 Sorcerer, Maiko and Professor.

Felynn – need a character with Weapon Mastery for red monster weapons at level 5 or higher.

Sea Angel – This is a horrible translation, you don’t need 10 angel cakes, it simply requires 10 healing items, buy them from the shop.

Flora Beast – 10 SP Extracts from the juice bar, simply accept the quest and turn it in.

Zombie Maiden – Defeat over 100 mobs.

Succubus – Requires Strange Feelers which are Rare or higher Quality, for this go to Episode 3 in the dimension guide and press Square to do Netherworld Sightseeing, then the store NPC in this area sells them at Rare Rank, simply buy and turn it in.

Evil Eye – Requires a secret scroll, just do hospital gacha for one or create one from the skill shop, can be any evility.

Horseman – Turn in a spear that is atleast Legendary, not to difficult and you’ll eventually get one or you can item world, you will very likely have this done before you complete the main story.

Dragon – Kill a level 100 or higher dragon, do this in the item world in something like an exodus or a later stage in dimension guide with dragon units that you can increase the enemy stars for in the cheat shop.

Pincer Shell – Premium Crab Brains can be obtained ether from the shop NPC in the item world, or you can netherworld sightsee in episode 6 where an NPC has a quest which rewards the item.

Rifle Demon – have a level 100 or higher character.

Big Eye – This is the last unit, once you accept the bill go to episode 5 and netherworld sightsee, he is located on the right hand side in the middle box in the corner (rotate your camera to see him) simply speak to him to complete the quest.

Find out how to unlock all Classes in this Disgaea 7 guide:

Disgaea 7 How To Unlock ALL Classes Guide

Disgaea 7 How To Unlock All Evilties

Evilities are unlocked a bunch of different ways in disgaea 7 and i would STRONGLY suggest making a character with every single one, then simply create all of them as scrolls and teach them to other units (sounds long but only actually takes about 10 minutes a character) in order to do this you must level up all unique characters to learn of all there evilities, then create scrolls for them at the NPC Skill Shop and teach them to a single unit. Unique Characters are Fuji, Pirilika, Yeyasu, Suisen, Ao, Nitra, Opener, Higan, Ceefore and they each have 5 unique evilities.

Then on the character you just taught all of them to, master all class proficiency and buy all new evilities from the skill shop (you can select and buy all in 1 go).

Next step is the hospital Gacha rewards each gacha tier will have anywhere from 10-15 evilities, just spam each tier, sort your inv to group them all together and go through 1 at a time learning them all.

Next up is the Evility squad, with again a horrible translation. Even though it only says you get an evility at 5 fights, this is wrong. You get a bunch all the way up to the last one, infernal corrosion at 300 fights (Some of these can not be created into scrolls such as infernal, the only way to get them is to do the 300 fights in this squad).

Now there are only 2 evilities left, and they come from defeating Carnage stage 15 and Carnage Baal stage 4. These are Seal of Power and S.O. Seal. Both of these can not be turned into a secret scroll and to get them, the character must kill the boss in each stage. Only 1 character can learn the evility per stage clear for carnage 15, however 3 characters can learn S.O. Seal per clear of Carnage baal Stage 4.

And last but not least all that’s missing now is the DLC evilities, simply buy the DLC, level the characters up and create Scrolls.

Disgaea 7 EXP Grinding Cheat

For EXP grinding the only focus here is as much juice bar exp as possible. Why? Because its pointless fighting stages to level when you can just use the juice bar (you still gain the effects of evilities and gear boosts when levelling using the juice bar) so the stage we want for this is going to be MartialGara final stage. If you are in LoC use 2 enemy stars at the cheat shop, for normal mode as many as you can.

You want all 10 characters out on the field for this, 1 killing unit and the other 9 to boost your EXP you can further boost the EXP by putting all CP in the cheat shop into EXP, the games cap for CP is 1400. And lastly you can get EXP boost properties on gear (this last one isn’t really worth it) you can get a max of 55% per gear piece so all 4 gear pieces on your killer give an extra 220% however getting all 4 EXP properties takes a TON of item reincarnating and only adds up to 1-2 hundred billion (not worth the time investment).

For evilities your support characters want Happy song from the Sea Angel class, and you can use development support from pirilika however the extra time it takes to move all the units makes this not worth it (extra 100 billion with 9 units stacked) however the time it takes to stack them is more than it takes to just do another stage.

For your killing unit, use Assault Attack for your 2nd Unique Evility Slot if you have it (master the Valkryie class).

Normal evilities should be Taste of Victory, Genius Studier, Study Maniac, Study Nerd, Study Whiz, Study Lover and Hard Effort, then use the remaining slots for anything you want like more stats or damage.

The Best Way to Farm Infinite EXP in Disgaea 7:

Disgaea 7 Best EXP Farm 1 Trillion EXP Per Fight

Disgaea 7 HL Money Farming Cheat

When farming HL in disgaea 7 you wont actually be fighting, even with full HL evilities, a full 220% boost from gear and full CP rewards in money the earnings here are stupidly low (couple hundred million a fight) and when you factor in loading times and stage clear times, its just not worth it.

Instead Farm the hospital Gacha, use the cheat shop to turn auto sell on and farm the final Carnage tier. Each item sells for 3-10 million HL and you can just press X to mass buy it and have the cheat shop auto sell, it also rewards huge amounts of money from the gacha itself aswell, you can complete a purchase every 1.5 seconds and each purchase gives roughly the same amount of HL a stage clear would do, only its 10 times faster because no loading screens (and you want to save your poltergas).

The Best Way to Farm Infinite HL Money in Disgaea 7:

Disgaea 7 Best Way to Farm HL Money

Disgaea 7 Item Point Farming Cheat

This is exactly the same as above, there’s no super easy way to farm item points here like in Disgaea 6, so in Disgaea 7 just use the hospital gacha and use the cheat shop auto sell but change it from HL to Points instead.

You get about 300 million an hour doing this on the highest tier, however you earn more using the 2nd highest tier (less secret skills, more gear) the reason is even if the individual items are worth less, this is made up by the fact you get a lot more items BUT the real point of using Super overlord tier instead of ultimate overlord is the fact the RP cost is 10x cheaper letting you get more points for your RP. And sadly if you want to create “Ultimate and perfect items” you’re going to need 10s of billions of points. Good luck.

The Best Way to Farm Infinite Item Points in Disgaea 7:

Disgaea 7 Best And Fastest Way To Farm Item Points 300 Million Per Hour

Disgaea 7 RP Farming Cheat

In order to farm item points and HL your gonna want RP to spin the gacha, this is something which gets faster the more you farm. So lets break it down, you want 5 evilities for this. Image Change, Secret Recon, Powerful Souls, Magic Bias and Vanguard, You MUST ALSO HAVE IMAGE CHANGE AS YOUR FIRST EVILITY AND SECRET RECON AS YOUR SECOND. This method wont work if you don’t. The idea here is to increase our HP and SP as high as possible and then make our active hp and SP as low as possible. Image change swaps HP and SP around, and Secret Recon reduces HP down to 1. Because image change swaps it though, when we remove it, our SP is instead dropped to 1 and then we just remove secret recon to drop HP to 1.

The more characters you do this with the better the results, also make sure to do pirilika first, its easy to get her to 2 billion health and 4 billion SP

Then just heal the characters. If you do this with 128 characters you will earn over 300 billion RP per heal.

Now, to maxamise HP and SP you want to do the following.

Master all class profficency on characters then reincarnate and level in the overlords guard squad (10 million Stats and about 200 million HP/SP) then use HP and SP Juice bar extracts to get another 10 million stats, and 1 billion HP and SP

You can use gear to further increase if you wish but the gain is miniscule until you have perfect items

You can also double the speed again by getting 1 billion extra HP/SP from Seal of Power (good luck doing this for 128 units)

Lastly when the DLC characters release, Seraphina will have an evility which increases characters HP by 30% which you can add on and (iirc) Valvatorez  has an evility which gives you an extra 100% HP and SP.

The video in question does NOT use seal of power stats or DLC or Equipment. If you were to use that on 128 characters you will be getting over 150 trillion RP per hour.

The Best Way to Farm Infinite RP in Disgaea 7:

Disgaea 7 BEST Gacha RP Farm 20 TRILLION Per Hour

Disgaea 7 Juice Bar Stats Farming Cheat

There are 2 ways to earn juice bar extracts (3 once the DLC characters release) the first is the evility infernal corrosion from doing 300 fights in the evility squad. This gives you extracts worth 1-100,000th of the stats from the mobs you kill, in other words killing a mob with 100,000 in stats gives you 1 extract point. And likewise killing a stat maxed unit gives you 1000 extracts. The 2nd way is with an evility from Plenier (not sure on the English translation name yet) however this functions exactly the same way. So instead, just use the highest tier gacha reward which gives you extracts for 100,000 stats at a time.

The cap per character is 10 million in normal stats, 1 billion HP and 1 billion SP. A DLC character will also have an evility that reduces the cost of stats in the juice bar to 1/3 this means you can get 1 billion HP and SP only using 330 million Extracts.

The Best Way to Farm Infinite Juice Bar Stats in Disgaea 7:

Disgaea 7 Best Way To Farm Juice Bar Stats Quick and Easy 10 Million Stat Gain per Character

Disgaea 7 How To Master All Classes in just a few seconds

This is pretty much identical to the EXP Farming Method. The only difference is you set the cheat shop to class Proff instead of EXP and you don’t need support units (unless you need more damage) the evilitys you need are Career Master, Pro Class Changer, Class Changer, Career Trainee, Workshop Intern, and Magical Discipline.

When you first start with a character at level 9999 and no classes mastered you will only have 14 evility slots. So use Taste of Victory, Ensure Victory (extra damage) Mana Scarcity (Damage) Career Master and Career Trainee. This will let you master all classes which cost 64 EXP for there first star in a single fight, once these are all mastered, come out and equip the remaining evilities. Then with all the above evilities on you will master every single class in a single fight other than mecha girl and celestial maiden (these take 2 fights).

The best way to master all classes in a few seconds for each class:

Disgaea 7 How To Master All Classes In Just a Few Seconds Each

Disgaea 7 Weapon Mastery Farming Guide

To farm weapon mastery have 10 characters with these evilities, Eye for an Eye, Handicap, Counter Knowledge, Unity, Retribution, Forced counter, and Weapon Fan. Then if you have equipment that boosts the growth rank of weapons equip them aswell. Also, have 1 stronger character that does NOT have handicap equipped. Then, go to stage 12-5. Use your character without handicap to kill off some of the units near the base panel (don’t go towards the boss) once no units are moving, put your killing character back into the base panel and bring out your 10 units to level. Move them over to the yellow geo effect and have them attack each other none stop and counter each other none stop.

How To Max Out All Weapon Mastery in 1 Fight:

Disgaea 7 How To Max ALL Weapon Mastery In 1 Fight

Disgaea 7 Innocent Farming Guide

Hospital gacha, don’t even dream of doing item world for this even using the farm to create high level innocents its no where as efficient as gacha, just remember to come out and go to the item world npc to fuse the innocents every 5-10 minutes as once you have 999 innocents that arnt fused, you wont get anymore. The cap for each innocent is 50,000. I have HEARD that it is possible to obtain Duel stat innocents from some Japanese Wikis however after 200 hours on the Japanese version and 150+ on the English version i have never had a duel innocent be born.

Disgaea 7 How To Unlock Land of Carnage and Carnage Mode

To unlock Land of Carnage you must first complete the main game, then proceed to pass the bills in the dark assembly to unlock the 3 postlude stages. Once these are done you unlock 4 new quests at the quest board you can easily tell what they are as they’re red and each reward 50 CP clear these 4 Bills to unlock Carnage Mode.

To pass the bills you need to complete the highest tier Demon Shogi (sight see in episode 5) (just auto start it has a really high chance to clear with the default DI settings).

Win the highest tier martial tournament (sight see in episode 4).

Kill an item god, items only spawn in the item world on floor 30, so you must be in a legendary item.

Complete the overlord Gacha (highest level before you unlock Carnage mode) once you acquire the legendary exodus you’re done, turn these 4 complete bills in and carnage mode unlocks.

How To Unlock Carnage Mode & Land of Carnage:

Disgaea 7 How To Unlock Carnage Mode Land of Carnage

Disgaea 7 How To Complete All Demon Shogi in 1 Turn

Watch the guide, as it makes it easier to explain, given duplicate units and each having to have specific commands to accomplish.

  • [00:00] — Introduction to Demon Shogi in Disgaea 7
  • The video begins with an introduction to Demon Shogi in Disgaea 7, explaining the focus of the guide. Primal Liquid discusses the stages and rewards for completing Demon Shogi in a single turn in normal mode.
  • [01:08] — Accessing Demon Shogi
  • Details on how to access Demon Shogi in Disgaea 7.
  • You need to clear Episode 5 and visit the Netherworld City to find the NPC that allows you to access Demon Shogi.
  • [02:44] — Tips for Ensuring Successful Throws in Demon Shogi
  • Primal Liquid explains a technique to ensure successful throws in Demon Shogi.
  • Instead of relying on automatic demon intelligence, use the left analog stick to advance turns one at a time for precise throws.
  • [03:12] — Strategies for Prinny Class in Demon Shogi
  • A walkthrough for the Prinny Class stage in Demon Shogi, which includes a male warrior and a female warrior as enemies.
  • Specific demonic intelligence setups for each enemy type, ensuring a one-turn victory.
  • [05:27] — Strategies for Demon Class in Demon Shogi
  • Explanation and strategy for the Demon Class stage, where you have to exploit an archer’s unique evil trait.
  • Detailed instructions for a one-turn win, taking advantage of higher elevation.
  • [05:40] — Strategies for Super Demon Class in Demon Shogi
  • Walkthrough for the Super Demon Class stage, involving three zombie units and six enemy units.
  • The strategy focuses on exploiting elemental weaknesses for a one-turn clear.
  • [07:43] — Strategies for Overlord Class in Demon Shogi
  • Detailed strategy for the Overlord Class stage, where you control three fighters and a psychic.
  • Complex instructions on how to clear the stage in a single turn using precise demonic intelligence setups.
  • [11:30] — Strategies for Super Overlord Class in Demon Shogi
  • This last section covers guidance for the Super Overlord Class, the most challenging stage.
  • Complex demonic intelligence setups for five characters and a dragon, requiring a specific sequence to achieve a one-turn victory.
Disgaea 7 How To Complete All Demon Shogi In 1 Turn Guide Normal Mode

Disgaea 7 How To Complete All Carnage Demon Shogi in 1 turn

Watch the guide to find out how to duplicate units with each having to have specific commands to accomplish.

  • [00:00] — Introduction to Demon Shogi in Carnage Mode
  • Overview of the video’s focus on Demon Shogi in Carnage Mode. Distinction between Carnage Dimension and Normal Dimension.
  • [02:15] — Clearing the First Stage – Priny, Warrior, Valkyrie
  • Demon Shogi setup for the first stage.
  • Actions for the Priny, Female Warrior, and Male Warrior units.
  • Achieving a one-turn clear.
  • [04:30] — Clearing the Demon Class Stage
  • Details on the Demon Class stage setup.
  • Specific actions for Thief, Priny, and Middle Priny.
  • The importance of advanced settings.
  • [06:13] — Clearing the Demon Lord Class Stage
  • Explanation of the challenging Demon Lord Class stage.
  • Demonic intelligence for each character and potential variability.
  • The occasional need for retries.
  • [11:34] — Clearing the Overlord Class Stage
  • Setup and strategy for the Overlord Class stage.
  • Actions for five War Ladies and building the rage meter.
  • Using jumpification for maximum damage.
  • [15:04] — Boss Fight Conclusion
  • The conclusion of the guide for completing Demon Shogi in Carnage Mode.
Disgaea 7 How To Complete All Demon Shogi In 1 Turn Carnage Mode

Disgaea 7 Baal Boss Fight Guide

This section is for normal mode baal, upon killing him the character who dealt the killing blow will unlock a unique evility slot, and once you kill him the first time you can netherworld sight see in his area to find a treasure chest with the rank 41 sword the Baal sword. The best none Loc Weapon.

In order to defeat baal even on normal mode you are going to need 20 million base stats (10 million from juice bar and 10 million from mastering all classes and then levelling in overloards guard squad)

Then, use 1 killing character and 9 support characters. (Celestial maidens and Maikos are a huge help here but not required, HOWEVER they will be required in the next 2 parts of this guide, so use them) likewise 1 of your support characters needs to be Suisen.

You do not need any gear for this stage.

You WILL need a Tera spell (i go with fire) to get this make a character with all skills by reincarnating into every unit, level it up and then reincarnate again. Then, use the skill squad to get other characters to learn the skills.

Now lets talk about evilities.

Killing unit needs Assault Attack (Unique) and then for common evilities use Counter Contemptor, Unstable Power, Full Power Swing, Vital Strike, Dragons Hoard (Can replace) Over the Limit, Sturdy Bow, Full Speed Ahead and Fire Blessing.

Support Units Need Lovely Song (unique Evility) Cursed Dance (2nd Unique Evility, equip as you start unlocking them) For common Evilities use Kill With Fire and Noble Cause.

Now start the stage, bring all 10 units out.

Move your killing unit behind baal (will require Vernier thrusters for extra movement) then Move Suisen to stand next to your killing unit and finally, use terra fire on baal with your killing unit to kill him.

If you can not 1 shot him, before you use tera fire, use a celestial maiden to use Valkryie Order on your killing unit this gives you an extra attack meaning you hit twice. If you STILL cant kill him, after you use tera fire, use the maiko to use encouragement on your killing unit giving it another turn.

Disgaea 7 How To EASILY Beat Baal No Gear Needed Unlock Extra Unique Evility Slot

Disgaea 7 Carnage Stage 15 Walkthrough

Carnage Stage 15 is the final Carnage dimension bounty and a massive step up in difficulty compared to the previous 14 stages, completing this stage will give you 20cp (from the quest) a unique evility slot for the killing character and the Evility Seal of power.

Like Baal you don’t need any special gear or strong gear all you need is High movement on your killing character, suisen and a Maiko.

For the set up we use the exact same set up as we did for baal. However Maiko is now mandatory. And your Tera spell MUST have a few levels in it for longer range.

Now set up with these evilities.

Killing unit needs Assault Attack (Unique) Clear Mind (Unique) and then for common evilities use Counter Contemptor, Unstable Power, Full Power Swing, Vital Strike, Dragons Hoard (Can replace) Over the Limit, Sturdy Bow, Full Speed Ahead and Fire Blessing.

Support Units Need Lovely Song (unique Evility) Cursed Dance (2nd Unique Evility) For common Evilities use Kill With Fire and Noble Cause.

Once in the stage, bring all your units out, have a Celestial Maiden use Valkrie Order on the killing character then move your killer behind the boss and move suisen to stand next her. Use tera fire on the boss, once the boss dies it will be revived as a jumbo unit at the far back of the stage. Use a maiko to cast encouragement on your killing unit and then move suisen as close as possible to the jumbo boss, move your killer to stand as close to the boss but still next to suisen and kill it with another terra fire.

Disgaea 7 How to EASILY Beat Carnage Stage 15 NO GEAR NEEDED ANY CHARACTER

Disgaea 7 Land of Carnage Baal Boss Fight

Land of Carnage baal has 4 stages in it, each stage you complete will give you 50CP and once you kill a stage you can sightsee in his area to find a treasure chest (a treasure chest will spawn each stage you clear) these chests contain LoC versions of the Rank 41 Sword Baal Sword, Rank 41 Monster Weapon Netherworld Wars, Rank 41 Armor Baals Body and finally the Rank 42 Sword Neo Baals Sword the best weapon in the game hands down.

These stages might SEEM incredibly difficult and challenging however they are infact so simple and easy that you can clear them pretty much as soon as you unlock land of carnage. Each stage does however require a different set up but, does NOT require any special gear. Please see below videos for a guide on each stage.

Stage 1: Heavenly Thunderstrike

Disgaea 7 How To Beat Carnage Baal Stage 1 Easily No Gear Required

Stage 2: Giant First of Destruction

Disgaea 7 How To Beat Carnage Baal Stage 2 Easily No Gear Required

Stage 3: Undying Wings of Flame

Disgaea 7 How To Beat Carnage Baal Stage 3 Easily No Gear Required

Stage 4: Three Demons in One

Disgaea 7 How To Beat Carnage Baal Stage 4 Easily No Gear Required

Disgaea 7 How To Create an Ultimate Character

Creating an ultimate character entails a few first, firstly capped Juice bar stats, Capped base Stats from Reincarnation, mastering classes and leveling with growth abilities/properties/squads and having all skills and evilities. So lets break it down step by step. (Do this with a generic character first, it makes it easier to do the unique after).

  • Step 1: Evilities, go and read 3.1 in this guide
  • Step 2: Master All Class Profficency see 4.6 in this guide
  • Step 3: Getting all Skills/Magic, With a generic character simply Reincarnate into final Tiers of these classes, then level them upto 9999 using the juice bar and give them mana to reincarnate into the next. Once the character levels up he will have all spells from that class. To get every skill available you need to reincarnate into…
    Celestial Maiden
    Wizard (Male or Female) Need to reincarnate into all 3 elements for the 3 elements of magic
    Big Eye
    Once your Generic character has all the spells from the above classes you can make it the leader of the skill squad and then place unique characters in the squad, go into a fight and use each of the skills once to level them upto level 1 unlocking them permentatly for the unique.
  • Step 4: get 10 million stats from juice bar and 1 billion HP/SP
  • Step 5: Master all weapon Proficiency
  • Step 6: Equip Seal of Power and S.O. Seal and then farm Item gods (go to floor 30, kill item god, gency out. Rinse and repeat) use the method for killing Baal/Carnage stage 15. Also raise cheat shop stars as high as you can manage for killing item gods (Even though there stats don’t increase, there HP and SP does) it Takes about 300 Item god kills to Cap your stats (30 million normal stats and 1 billion HP/SP) Now, with the above you should have 50 million in stats and 2.1/2.2 billion HP/SP without gear and evilities.
  • Step 7: Max Reincarnation bonus. For this you want to reincarnate the unique into a Genius every time, as long as you have all classes mastered and you reincarnate into a genius every time and level to 9999 (juice bar), it will take 136 reincarnations to get 1500 Points in every stat growth.
  • Step 8: Evilities and Gear after the above the character is already perfect, so its time to get the rest of our 99 million stats from gear and evilities. For gear continue scrolling down to 10.2 as for evilities, well use whatever you want nothing matters once you hit this stage!
Disgaea 7 Ultimate Character Guide The Strongest Possible Characters

Disgaea 7 Reincarnation Maxing

When reincarnating you will be able to add points into stat growth, the highest is 1500 for each stat. To max this out firstly, master all classes on a character, then reincarnate into a genius (Any classes doesn’t matter BUT it DOES need to be rank 6) once thats done use the juice bar to level it upto level 9999 and give it mana to reincarnate with. Using this method it takes 136 reincarnations to completely max out a characters stat growth and using the juice bar takes less than an hour per character.

Disgaea 7 Item Reincarnation

Item reincarnation is a big new feature and can seem very confusing (and once you get to endgame the ultimate annoying feature) to reincarnate an item you must finish 10,20 or 30 stages of the item for Normal, Rare and Legendary/epic pieces of gear respectively. You do not need to kill the bosses, likewise you can use the squad research to also push through the floors for you.

Items can be reincarnated into ANYTHING that is 1 rank above or below the current item IF you have that item unlocked. For example if you want to reincarnate an arcadia into a trap, you must have already owned a trap at some point.

During reincarnation you get 3 choices of items to reincarnate into, this is random and you can choose 1 of the 3, if you don’t like those 3 items you can go to enhance items and spend 10k item points to reincarnate into its base item. So if your item was an arcadia before you ever reincarnated it, then it replaces the first of the 3 selections with an arcadia to reincarnate back to.

Properties are totally random, any item can get any property. Common items can inherit 3 properties, rares can inherit 4, legendaries 5 and epics 6. Likewise you can enhance the item to increase that limit by 1.

As mentioned any item can get any property there are 2 types, normal properties and legendary properties. These are rare, and some are slightly more common for others. The absolute best property you can get is called Swing About, on the Japanese version of the game i got this very very quickly. On this version, i have spent well over 40 hours and easily over 10 billion item points trying to get it and still nothing. RNG be like that after all.

Stats wise is where item reincarnation becomes the most annoying mechanic in ANY Disgaea game. when you reincarnate an item you have LP to spend to take stats over to the next reincarnation. This is absolutely done to make you buy Mao the DLC character because goodluck maxing out an item without him. On a level 500 item you will have about 600LP which translates to being able to take over 16% of your items stats. This means if you DONT level up your item to 500 before reincarnating it WILL have lower stats. See below for more details on this.

Disgaea 7 How Item Reincarnation Works Everything There Is To Know

Disgaea 7 How To Create Ultimate Items

Creating ultimate items requires item reincarnation,enhancing items and the reincarnation squad to be fully leveled, Mao the DLC character also MASSIVELY helps with this because of an evility he has.

Firstly lets talk about enhancing. Every time you reincarnate an item you can enhance it again. This includes upping the base stats, raising its rarity (limit 100) increasing its population (limit 8) and leveling it up (limit 100)


With that said. Lets talk about gear. There are only 5 pieces of gear worth maxing in Disgaea 7.

Neo Baal sword (Hands down the best weapon in the game and every human character should equip this) even if other weapons can cap all stats, this has the assassinate property as its default instantly making it the best weapon once capped. And it has the highest movement, counter and critical stat along with jump and a really high attack range.

Netherworld Wars Like above, the best Monster Weapon in the game

For armor theres only 3 things worth considering.

Traphezdon – Easiest to stat max, lowest general upgrades for counters, movement attack range ect.

Barefoot X – highest movement, worst to stat max

Baal Body – best of both worlds, good movement, higher attack range than both and gives good critical chance.

Now, realistically speaking you ether want to do Baals body OR Barefoot X. However maxing out a barefoot X will take years (Probably) even on the Japanese version which released at the start of this year i have NOT seen anybody with a maxed barefoot. (i don’t even know if its possible)

The maxing process is the same regardless of what item you use though.

Firstly we want our properties. Currently im still testing to see if other pieces of gear can reincarnate into a baals body or if its removed from the reincarnation pool so ill list 2 methods here.

Step 1 the hopeful method.

Get 8 common items, ideally arcadias. Put all 8 into the research squard then go and do 10 stages. Come back and take the items out and reincarnate them until you get 4 good legendary properties (Pass the enhance trait for the extra inheritance) once you get the 4 properties you want. Upgrade the item to a Rare, then continue reincarnating for your 5th property. (always try and keep it just below the rarity threshold so as soon as you get your property you can instantly upgrade it to the rank rank.)

These are common 0-24

Rare 25-49

Legendary 50-99

Epic 100

Once you have your 7 legendary properties (7 inherited and the base item property which can not be replaced)

Reincarnate it into the item you want to stat max.

Now, run through the item world and constantly level it up to level 500, once you finish all 30 stages, reincarnate the item (make sure its the same item)

Then enhance it again, passing all stat increases.

Now repeat leveling to 500, reincarnating, and enhancing. Until you have an item with all the properties you want and max stats.

(innocents do NOT effect growth in Disgaea 7)

If you want to make a perfect Barefoot X, then do the above once you get to the stat maxing step reincarnate into a trap/Baals body if possible) and stat maxing using that, once stat maxed, reincarnate back into barefoot x to take 16% of your stats over to it. Giving you a barefoot with about 500k in all stats (the highest seen even on the Japanese version) (just use Baals body)

If items can NOT reincarnate into Baals body then run through the item world getting it to level 500 and reincarnating while trying to get the stats you want, during this point have 8 gencys in the squad research and come out every 10 floors (every innocent town) and reincarnate the gency’s into more gencys (each reincarnation adds 1 use to them up to a max of 99 uses per gency).

During this step you should aim to dupe Baals body 8 times, once you have 9 of them (the one your leveling and the 8 dupes) throw the 8 dupes into the squad research.

Now every time you reincarnate your main Baals body, you have 8 more that can reincarnate as well. Focus on getting the properties you want on them, if you’re your lucky you get them on your main Baals body.

Once you get 4 properties that you want on any Baals body. Change that one to be the one you run in the item world to start stat maxing it. This way when you eventually have all 7 properties on any Baals body it will at least be semi decent stats.

Properties you should aim for (remember you can have 7 of these on weapons and each armor giving you a total of 28).

Swing About (1 extra attack, caps at 3) have this on 3 pieces of equipment.

Fire Power (15% extra fire damage) have on all 4.

Ablaze (makes your none elemental attacks fire element) have on 1 piece.

All out Hit (15% extra crit damage) have on all 4.

Aim for the middle (5% crit chance) have on 4.

Sturdy Sword (Increases damage dealt by 15% when sword is equipped) have on all 4 for human characters using Neo Baal Sword.

Sturdy MW (Same as above but for monsters).

MW Attacker/Sword Attacker (Increases atk by 15% when equipped with sword/MW) im unsure if this effects your damage attack or your attack stat and Japanese wikis are not helpful in this, more testing required, if its attack STAT then ignore it) on all 4 pieces if its DAMAGE ATK.

Sturdy (Increases damage dealt by 10%) have on all 4.

Attacker (increases ATK by 10%) like MW attacker and sword attacker, if this is a state increase ignore it, if its damage ATK then all 4.

If you are using Baal Body, then replace Ablaze with something like (Secret Spice, You’re No’1, or anything you want) and replace Fire Power with Meteor Shower (Japanese name) the reason for this is the original property on Baals body makes your attack Star Element. Any other armor such as barefoots or traps, use fire.

BUT YOU CAN NOT MIX AND MATCH THESE. If you have star and fire it won’t work.

Disgaea 7 Duplicate Items Cheat

There are 2 ways to dupe in Disgaea 7, both of which Cost HL, both of which have 100% chance, and both of which require the item world.

Firstly they’re mystery rooms, one of them is your typical shop style NPC room  with the duplicator in there, it dupes the item you are currently in for a cost. It will have all the properties, innocents, levels and stats of the item when you entered it. As such make sure you leave every 10 floors to get its levels up. If you’re trying to dupe “Perfect equipment” level it to 500 asap (around floor 20-25) gency out and save, then go back in and get the dupe before floor 30. If you don’t, reload your save. Once you get it duped. Save and then go into the item world of the duped item it will be which ever floor you entered the previous item at before you got the dupe. And repeat the process.

The 2nd method of duping is again a mystery room. In the room it will be an empty square room with just a horseman enemy, when you speak to him he will have 1 of 2 lines of dialogue (speak to him multiple times)

If he continues to say “im back” constantly then just go back to the item world theres nothing here.

If he says “there’s nothing here honestly” or something along those lines. Then on the wall behind the Cat NPC who takes you back to the item world there will be an invisible pathway. Follow this path to a small extra block where the duplicator is, cost and method is the same as the previous mention.

How To Duplicate Items in Disgaea 7 Easily Guide:

Disgaea 7 How to DUPE Items Easily

Disgaea 7 How To Get All Rank 40 Best Gear

Find out how to obtain all Rank 40 Gear (the best Gear) in Disgaea 7.

  • [00:14] — Obtaining Rank 40 Equipment Basics
  • To obtain rank 40 equipment in Disgaea 7, you need a rank 39 item.
  • Use the Item World Research Squad to get rank 39 items easily.
  • You can use normal quality rank 35 items or higher for this method.
  • [01:08] — Preparing for Item God 2
  • Item God 2 spawns in the Item World when the item level is over 250 before entering floor 30.
  • You must complete all 30 floors in the Item World, limited to Legendary or epic items only.
  • Your character needs 20 million stats to face Item God 2.
  • [03:29] — Thief Character Preparation
  • Create a Thief character with 20 million stats.
  • Level up two abilities: Cat Trick for hit and speed increase, and Cat Snatch for stealing.
  • Use character mastering and the Overlord Guard Squad for extra stat growth.
  • Thief’s unique ability is Art of Robbery 3, doubling the steal chance.
  • [05:33] — Buff and Debuff Strategies
  • Debuff the enemy with a Succubus class to decrease stats.
  • Use abilities like Sexy Aura and Mushroom Power for debuffing.
  • Buff your Thief character with Valkyrie Order for extra actions.
  • [07:24] — Stat-Increasing Abilities
  • Increase your character’s stats further with abilities like Convert Force, Unstable Power, and Counter Contempt.
  • Use Group Psychology if desired, but it’s optional for Thief characters.
  • Prepare your Thief character for better chances of stealing.
  • [09:25] — Stealing and Item Retrieval
  • Approach the Item God 2, debuff the boss, and buff your Thief.
  • Steal the item, and if you wish to keep it, do not have Auto Sell enabled.
  • Choose between using the Dimension Gate or defeating the boss to leave the stage.
Disgaea 7 How To Obtain All Rank 40 Gear Best Gear In The Game

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