Next-Gen Xbox Console To Launch in 2028 & PC-Xbox Handheld Sooner, According to Microsoft Leak

Microsoft experienced a major gaming leak revealing information about their plans up to 2030. The funny part is that they accidentally did it to themselves. They are about to close the $69 billion Activision-Blizzard acquisition court case and in that process they uploaded un-redacted — instead of heavily redacted — confidential future plans to the FTC website, which can be publicly accessed… and so everyone did haha! 😀

Per the Bloomberg report:

Microsoft Mistakenly Posts Secret Game Plans

Here are pictures of the main pages in the 2023-2030 Roadmap Microsoft leak:

Microsoft’s Gaming Leak Overview:

  • Microsoft’s gaming leak reveals plans up to 2030.
  • Information includes Mid-Generation Xbox Series X & S refresh (Slim/Pro) featuring 4K gaming, more internal storage at 2TB, faster Wi-Fi, and a more immersive controller. Scheduled to launch around September 2025.
  • The new Xbox controller, “Sybil,” features haptic feedback, cloud integration, an accelerometer, quieter buttons, and swappable batteries.
  • Next-Generation Xbox 2028 launch plans, a possible PC-Xbox Handheld (not yet funded), a Cloud box, and cloud hybrid gaming.

Microsoft’s Historical Approach to Connectivity.

  • Microsoft’s history of focusing on online connectivity.
  • Mentions of Xbox Live, downloadable content, and digital marketplaces.

Cloud Hybrid Gaming Concept.

  • Microsoft’s vision for cloud hybrid gaming. Which they continue despite previous attempts at cloud gaming, like Crackdown 3, not gaining much success. Of course it does work well in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Leveraging the power of the cloud for deeper immersion and AI-driven experiences.
  • Transition from x86 to ARM architecture for broader device compatibility. This would allow them to expand gaming to various (portable) devices beyond consoles. They are still weighing their options between marrying Arm64 with AMD x64 (Zen 6).

AI and Machine Learning in CloudGaming.

  • Microsoft’s vision includes the potential role of AI and machine learning in cloud gaming leading to more advanced gaming experiences.
  • Creating more dynamic and realistic in-game experiences.
  • Possibilities for natural NPC interactions and visuals.

Elimination of Physical Media.

  • Microsoft’s potential move towards eliminating physical media. They jokingly call it “Adorably all digital.” *eyeroll*
  • Emphasis on digital distribution and reliance on cloud-based gaming.
  • Microsoft may phase out traditional consoles and controllers in favor of cloud-based gaming, with the cloud-connected controller directly connecting to data centers to reduce latency.

Challenges of Latency and Internet Service Providers.

  • Microsoft will have to face the challenge of latency in cloud-based gaming, in which there will be a growing role of internet service providers in addressing latency issues.
  • Microsoft underscores the need for continued research to minimize latency in cloud gaming.

As always with the future direction of Microsoft’s gaming strategy, plans can change at any time.

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Do any of Microsoft’s gaming plans like a PC/Xbox handheld, improved controllers, Xbox Series X Slim or the Next-Gen Xbox sound good to you?