Starfield Companions Locations Guide

Welcome to the Starfield Companions locations guide that helps you find the total of 40+ Companions locations for the Xbox Series X & PC sci-fi RPG game.

Companions help out during dialogue, by carrying more, and when you’re in combat. You can even romance four of them, namely Andreja, Barret, Sam, and Sarah Morgan.

Finding 10 Companion locations and recruiting them will help unlock the following Achievement:

  • “The Family You Choose” (20 Gamerscore) — Recruit 10 Separate Companions. – Sometimes you have to recruit a total of 12 people before the achievement pops up (6 from story, 6 from The Viewport bar). So if it doesn’t unlock at 10 just recruit a few more or assign them to different places.
  • Bonus: While a Companion costs 6,500-18,000 credits per person — and in the early game this may seem expensive — you get upward of 1 million credits automatically from Main Story and the 4 Faction Questlines. You can always make quick money by selling loot to merchants, sleep in bed for 48 hours (ship or lodge) to refresh their money and sell merchants more stuff.

The Timeline for all these in-game Companions locations is listed below.

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Where are all Starfield Companion locations?

7 Companions are recruitable during Constellation main story quests (you meet them all automatically): Andreja, Barrett, Heller, Lin, Sam Coe, Sarah Morgan, Vasco.
There may be over 40 Companions in the game. More Companions can be recruited from the following location in certain bars/diners/pubs. Go to System: Alpha Centauri — Planet: Jemison — Landing Site: New Atlantis — from the landing pad walk straight ahead until you reach the open area with the train station, turn left and enter “The Viewport” bar — talk to the people inside. Recruits can also be found on other planets in similar bars/pubs, such as: The Hitching Post in Akila City and the Astral Lounge in Neon.
After recruiting someone, you will be asked to assign them to a place. Just assign each person to your ship and when it’s full assign the next person until the achievement for recruiting 10 pops. You can make Quicksave beforehand and reload it afterward to get the money back.

Where to find all Companions in Starfield? The in-game locations for the Companions are also described in this detailed video guide.

Starfield How to Recruit Crewmates / Companions (The Family You Choose Achievement Guide)

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