Starfield: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Starfield: How To Level Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you an Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Starfield with the right equipment to gain your max level in the Xbox Series X & PC sci-fi RPG game.

Finding out how to earn more XP during combat to let you rank up faster. Gaining XP in Starfield is how to level up your character.

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Starfield: How To Rank Up Fast Guide

Level Up Method

Like in the main game, naturally experience is necessary to level up your character to level 100 in Starfield.

This guide teaches you how to level your character up to max level 100 within 5 hours.

This can be a long process in total, but is worth it overall. I would recommend saving this to be one of your last achievements as you’ll need a good general understanding of various game mechanics, and a decent amount of skill points.

How To Guide

How to get to level 100 in Starfield within 5 hours.

  1. Prerequisites

    Skills: Outpost Engineering.
    Research: Resource Extraction 1 & Power Generation 1.
    Ship: 1500-3000+ Cargo Space.
    Resources: Get these from a Jemison Mercantile shop and store them on your ship:
    18 x Adaptive Frames
    124 x Aluminum
    24 x Beryllium
    30 x Copper
    2 x Fiber
    99 x Iron
    24 x Tungsten

  2. Al & Fe Farm on Andraphon

    The next step is to go to the Narion System to find Sumati’s moon named Andraphon. Fly there and scan the planet. You are looking for a specific place on the scan where the Aluminum and Iron resource veins meet (see video). This location is found where the mountains (iron) and craters (aluminum) meet. So land at the craters as close to the mountains as possible, and walk towards the mountains. Use your scanner and outpost builder to find a single location that can extract both. This can be tricky but is important. If you’re unable to find this, you can build two separate outposts; one for each resource; and connect them with a cargo link.
    Now place your outpost, place down 6 aluminum extractors and 6 iron extractors. Then place 10 solar arrays for power. Place 3 storage bins by the Al, and 3 storage bins by the Fe. Connect all the extractors to a storage bin, and then link that storage bin to the others in the group. Repeat for both extractors. Lastly, place a industrial workbench and bed.
    Go to sleep, and on this moon, 1 hour of local time is equal to 6 hours of universal time, meaning you’ll fast forward 140 hours in a 24 hour sleep. When you wake up, you’ll have storage bins full of your resources. The first time you sleep, it’s worth waking up and using you new resources to make more storage bins; not forgetting to connect them in a chain. Once you have a decent amount of storage bins (about 8-10 for each element), you can start grinding XP and levels.
    Sleep for 24 hours. Wake up. Go to the Industrial Workbench, craft Adaptive Frames. Hold right on the dpad and tap RB to fill the bar as fast as possible to craft them in chunks of 99. For every 99 Adaptive Frames you craft, you’ll be granted a base of 99XP, and you should be able get about 1,500+ every time you sleep. Repeat this process for as long as you want. Dispose of the adaptive frames once you’re done. This is how the boosting method works.
    There’s a small chance your base will get attacked. If so, clear the enemies and repair anything that may be broken.
    Note: You will get a 10% XP bonus for sleeping. Or a 15% XP bonus for sleeping with a max relationship companion. You can also use certain aids to squeeze out a bit extra.
    You can boost XP about 5-10 times faster by then upgrading this farm to a different version on Venus. This farm was important to do first anyways, as you’ll need the resources from it for the next step.

  3. Ni & Co Farm on Venus

    Skills (Required): Planetary Habitation 3.
    Skills (Recommended): Outpost Engineering 2.
    Research (Recommended): Resource Extraction 2 & Manufacturing 3. These allow for large storage containers.
    Resources: Bring these from Andraphon:
    600+ x Adaptive Frames
    1000+ x Aluminum
    1200+ x Iron
    Venus can be found in the Sol system. Venus is a great planet for this next strategy because 1 hour of local time here is equivalent to 100 hours of universal time giving you a MASSIVE bonus to resource production. This allows you to sleep significantly less and spend much more time crafting for XP.
    The strategy is the same but we’ll be farming Nickel and Cobalt in order to craft Isocentered Magnets here. The base setup is almost the exact same, but Planetary Habitation Rank 3 skill will be required for the extreme environment. Fit as many extractors as you can on each vein; you can use higher level extractors if you have the research and resources available. Build 10-20+ large storage containers (or 80+ small) for each resource. Storage containers will probably be your limiting factor for this farm. Link them all together. Sleep for 24 hours. You should wake up to 20,000 of each resource. Craft away for XP and repeat.
    Once you get the Venus base up and running, you’ll be getting approximately 5,000 XP per minute. This can be sped up with a turbo controller on Xbox, or with a mouse on the PC. You can easily go from level 50 to level 100 in 1-2 hours.

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I hope these tips to level up fast will help you get to a higher Starfield Rank.

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