Armored Core 6 Cheats

Looking for Armored Core 6 cheats on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & PC? Here we’ll list Armored Core 6 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for FromSoftware’s new mech combat game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Armored Core 6 codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X versions (where available).

Take a look at the Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon cheats list below…

Armored Core 6 Money Cheat

Where to Farm Money: In the early game, these are the best places to farm money to fuel your gear buying habit you’re going to need lots of money for. Fortunately, Armored Core 6 doesn’t have a debt mechanic anymore, which really helps as far as your wallet goes, but that being said the money that you earn from simply clearing campaign stages is not going to be enough to let you buy all the gear you want. This simple cheat found by Tabiasobi is to replay stages that you’ve already cleared, including stages that reward you with a lot of money.

  • In Chapter 1, you’ll want to replay Mission 2: Destroy Artillery Installations to easily earn over 140,000 credits provided you get enough bonus pay and get at least a D-rank, so if you destroy a lot of enemy units in addition to the artillery installations you should get a pretty good amount of bonus pay. That being said don’t stick around the second stage for too long and make enough to buy what you need and then concentrate on getting to the sixth stage.
  • Chapter 1, Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex is is quite easy to get an A-rank for and for completion it rewards you about 190,000 credits in less than five minutes!
Armored Core VI – Where to Farm Money, Get Free Gear and More

Armored Core 6 Weapon Data Cheat Sheet

Master AC6 weaponry with Polemos’ in-depth data sheet breakdown for Chapter 1. Unravel weapon pros & cons, plus predictions on game mechanics.

  • 00:19 — Data Cheat Sheet Breakdown
  • 05:51 — Heat/EN Mechanic Breakdown
  • 06:54 — Charged Weapon Breakdown
  • 09:46 — Polemos Data Base Intro
  • 10:40 — Attack Damage Calcs
  • 13:14 — Stagger Damage Calcs
  • 15:04 — Impact/Accum Impact Calcs
  • 17:14 — Range Comparisons
  • 18:47 — Economy Calculations
  • 19:52 — Damage/Credit Calcs
AC6’s Ultimate Weapon Data Sheet Deep Dive

Armored Core 6 How To Unlock New Game Plus Plus and Arena Boss Fights

How to unlock New Game ++ & Arenas: All Arena Programs are unlocked automatically from story progress. The first Arena (29 enemies) unlocks gradually during the first playthrough. The second Arena unlocks in New Game+. The last 3 opponents unlock during New Game++ (3rd playthrough).

Armored Core 6 (VI) – Final Arena Boss Fight (New Game++ Arena) – Master of Arena Trophy

Armored Core 6 How To Unlock PvP Mode

How to unlock PvP Mode: Once you get to the point of beating the C-Weapon Sea Spider boss fight — which is actually a very tough battle unless you use an easy strategy* — you’ll unlock PvP and be able to access the Nest in the game (for PvP play) through the Garage Menu.

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon – How to Unlock PVP / Nest

*Here’s Ilaptheflash’s EASY Kill Method to destroy the C-Weapon Sea Spider:

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon – Destroy The C Weapon Sea Spider – EASY Kill Method

Armored Core 6 How To Unlock Max Stagger

Dive deep into Armored Core 6’s stagger mechanic. From understanding impact damage to crafting the ultimate stagger build. Don’t miss the secrets to dominating your battles.

  • 00:12 — What is stagger?
  • 00:29 — Stagger Damage Multiplier
  • 03:49 — Base impact versus accumulative damage
  • 06:41 — Weapons ranked: Damage drop-off
  • 08:39 — Stagger Tip 1
  • 10:15 — Stagger Tip 2
  • 10:51 — Maximum stagger build
Armored Core 6: Mastering Stagger & Crafting the Perfect Build

Armored Core 6 How To Easily Beat All Bosses with Best Builds

Cheat your way through boss fights with these best builds: Here are the best Character Assembly Builds in Armored Core 6. With the best equipment for each Chapter. This will make the game much easier and allows you to defeat any boss in a few seconds.

You can simply brute force bosses with these builds and don’t even need to evade, no skill required. Just pick the equipment shown here, hover closely above the enemies, shoot the shoulder weapons to stagger the enemy, land close to the enemy and shoot dual-wielded hand weapons. Arena Bosses go down in about 6 seconds and other main bosses in under a minute.

  • CHAPTER 1 BUILD – 0:00
  • CHAPTER 2-3 BUILD – 1:00
  • CHAPTER 4-5 & NEW GAME+ BUILD – 2:10
Armored Core 6 (VI) – Best Builds Guide – Easily Beat Any Boss

Armored Core 6 How To Unlock All 3 Endings

You can only get one ending per playthrough. The third ending is exclusive to New Game++ on your 3rd playthrough.

Which ending you get depends on which “Decision Missions” you pick. These are missions that cancel out each other, can only pick one per playthrough, then pick the other on the next playthrough.

  • Ending 1 – Step 1 – 0:00
  • Ending 1 – Step 2 – 0:21
  • Ending 2 – Step 1 – 5:44
  • Ending 2 – Step 2 – 5:57
  • Ending 3 – Step 1 – 12:29
  • Ending 3 – Step 2 – 13:30
  • Ending 3 – Step 3 – 13:41
  • Ending 3 – Step 4 – 13:45
  • Ending 3 – Step 5 – 13:55
  • Ending 3 – Step 6 – 14:04
Armored Core 6 (VI) How to Get All Endings

Armored Core 6 Unlockable DLC Items

Armored Core 6 Pre-order Bonus

Pre-order Bonus Free Items for All Editions:

  • Melander C3 G13 Special Customization “Tenderfoot”
  • Melander C3 parts set (Early Unlock)
  • Emblem (Early Unlock)
  • Exclusive AC Decal

Armored Core 6 Tips and Tricks

Here are 20 essential Armored Core 6 Beginner’s tips and tricks. If you’re struggling against a particular mission or enemy, this guide will give you with all the practical advice you’ll need to turn the tables and become a top-tier mechanised hunter.

  • 01:17 — Focus on 3D movement and verticality
  • 02:02 — Increase your camera speed on controller
  • 02:26 — If you can’t dodge, then block
  • 02:57 — Learn what the targeting HUD is telling you
  • 03:58 — Unlock the Weapon Bay OS upgrade early on
  • 04:41 — Melee options are often the most powerful
  • 05:07 — Focus on staggering enemies
  • 05:53 — Don’t underestimate the power of surprise attacks
  • 06:21 — How to manually reload in Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon
  • 06:55 — Change your mech design if you’re having trouble
  • 07:54 — Use a combination of damage types
  • 08:33 — Learn each boss’s attacks and weak spots
  • 09:11 — Assault Boost while in combat
  • 09:35 — Scan liberally to reveal hidden areas
  • 10:05 — Don’t neglect body parts
  • 10:36 — Try out different leg types
  • 11:12 — Check the ideal ranges of kinetic weapons
  • 11:49 — Sell your parts
  • 12:19 — Save your loadouts
  • 12:33 — Learn from others in multiplayer
20 Essential Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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