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Looking for Dave the Diver cheats on PC, Mac & later Switch? Here we’ll list Dave the Diver cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Mintrocket’s new adventure, RPG, diving & restaurant sim game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Dave the Diver codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, Mac & Switch versions (where available).

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Dave the Diver Money Cheats

The best ways to more quickly make money in Dave the Diver:

  • Sell goods to Cobra.
  • Enhance your Recipes & Research.
  • Hire Staff as soon as possible.
Dave The Diver Tips Guide – Dave the Diver Money Making Guide

This guide covers money making in Dave the Diver, which is essential to becoming successful in both the restaurant and during your dives. You’ll need money to decorate the interior of your restaurant, upgrade equipment in your restaurant, and you have to upgrade your Dave the Diver equipment as well. This includes the need to have a better suit, better air tanks, etc.

One of the best ways to make money early on is kind of obvious and that’s going to be serving customers at banchos sushi, for every customer that you serve you’re not only going to getting paid for the service but you’re also going to get paid for your quality of service. During the day you’re going to want to dive to find fish to bring back to turn into sushi at your restaurant, it’s suggested you get at least a few different types of fish in order to offer your customers variety on the menu, because the more you have to offer and the more that you can give to your customers the more they’re going to pay. Plus some patrons prefer different items on the menu so you’ll make them happier, which will in turn get you more points and coins…

What’s meant with “points”? The Cooksta App! There’s an app within the game that customers use kind of like Instagram in real-life, but in Dave the Diver they give you ratings and post pictures of the food that they ate and they say whether the food and service was good or bad. So if you’re providing high quality items that your customers enjoy, while giving them their orders in a timely manner you’re going to make more money. It will also bring in more customers, the more followers you have on Cooksta.

A second method of making money faster takes a little bit longer to unlock, you’re going to gain access to Cobra’s premium shop as you progress in the main storyline during chapter 1 you have to progress a little bit with the see people side of things. Once you unlock this premium shop you’ll be able to sell Starfish, Seashells and pretty much anything that originally you could not sell. You’ll have access to selling within Cobra’s shop now, but do not expect this to make you fast money overnight as the starfish usually sell for around four to eight coins a piece, with the seashells it’s similarly between two and five coins a piece. However, if you’re selling them consistently like every time you dive and you’re picking them up every time you dive, then it’s a good way to make a couple extra bucks every day in order to put it towards new things like suit enhancements and different weapons and things like that.

Once you have access to Cobra’s shop you’ll also have access to buying things from Cobra that will help you stay down in the depths longer such as cargo boxes ammunition and even extra air tanks. From day one you are able to sell the fish that you collect in bancho’s sushi shop, although I don’t always recommend doing that unless you have a plethora of fish to sell because you want to make sure that you still have enough food every single night to serve sushi to your guests at the restaurant. Nonetheless, you’re able to sell fish at bancho’s restaurant whenever you want to, so choose from day one to make a little extra money on the side.

The next money making tip is that the further you progress in the main storyline, the more dishes that you unlock through research, and the more money you’re going to make. That’s simply because you’re going to get better recipes that make customers more happy as well as having a bigger price tag on those recipes because they come with more ingredients. You’re also going to have access to enhancing your recipes and that is pretty universal, because you can enhance every single recipe that you provide at your restaurant as long as you have the ingredients needed to enhance those recipes. Enhancing recipes basically adds more ingredients, which raises the quality as well as the happiness level that is gained from the customers eating that Sushi plate, which also increases the value of the menu item. So in short, you’re going to make more money simply by enhancing recipes and making your customers happy and raising the price on each of the platters. Now enhancing gets a little harder as you progress because it takes more and more ingredients to enhance those recipes, but realistically it’s something that’s easily managed by consistently diving. As long as you’re diving every single day and as many times a day as you can and are bringing back up quality ingredients, which can be found in those little pots that are located on the ocean floor. Then you should have no problem enhancing at least the basic menu items, in order to get more money and get more ratings from your patrons.

Up next, hire Staff as soon as possible, which can be done once you complete the quest for Yoshi where you serve her the shark’s head, it is at that time you’re going to unlock the ability to hire Staff in your restaurant, that can be kitchen staff or dining room staff. Once you acquire the ability to hire staff it’s going to make your job a lot easier they will do tasks for you like serving guests and cooking
food faster, since there’s more cooks in the kitchen.

Here’s a guide all about the staff, how to dispatch them, and what they bring to the table:

  • Ads to hire staff — 00:52
  • How many staff members are there? — 02:06
  • Staff member’s special skills — 02:13
  • Dispatching staff to collect ingredients — 02:49
  • How to dispatch staff — 04:00
  • Employee attributes/details/stats — 06:15
  • Training staff — 07:33
Dave the Diver – Staff Dispatch and Skills Guide

Having more staff will make it easier to serve your guests in a timely manner, as a bonus they won’t storm out of your restaurant… especially guests that order green tea or beer, they get upset very quickly. Definitely hire staff as soon as you possibly can even though initially it’s going to cost a bit up front to hire that staff and it does take a day to get applications sent in in order to hire staff. You have to unlock staff and then go through the process of hiring them but it’s 100% worth the investment, because in the long run you’re going to be able to serve more guests keep more guests happy and keep money flowing throughout the bancho sushi restaurant.

How to get a perfect poor to make more money when pouring green tea & beer:

Dave The Diver – Tips Guide to Pouring Green Tea & Beer Perfectly

More money earning opportunities. When you get those VIP customers that come in for a special request of a certain dish that they want to try, that is going to also earn money for you completing certain quests will earn money. So definitely do the quests outside of the main storyline. Completing quests that are given to you by VIP guests or just realistically any side quest, do them as soon as you can, as much as you can get done in a single day is of course going to optimize the amount of money that you make and the amount of progress that you make in the game.

Catch high quality fish, because the higher the quality of the fish and the rarer the fish the more that it’s going to sell for on your menu. So just keep in mind the fish that you’re putting on the menu if you’re only using yellow and blue tang which are very easily accessible in this game, then you’re not going to make a lot of money up front, try diving to deeper depths and killing off the fish that are down there so that you can maximize the amount of profit that you’re going to get per fish; That also includes fish that you sell to
bancho rather than turning it into sushi, if you sell them you’re gonna make money off them and the higher quality they are and the more rare of a fish they are the more money they’re gonna reel in for you. These money making hacks should help you make a lot more money earlier on.

Dave the Diver How To Do Fish Farming

In this guide, you’ll learn what the fish farm does, how to unlock it, and what it can do to make you money.

  • How To Unlock the Fish Farm — 00:29
  • What Is the Fish Farm? — 01:36
  • How To Collect Fish Eggs — 02:18
  • What To Do with the Fish Farm — 04:10
  • How to Breed Fish — 06:06
  • How To Unlock More Tanks on the Fish Farm — 06:47
  • How Fish Farm Density Works — 07:16
  • How to Maintain Fish Farm Density — 07:39
  • How to Check the Density of Each Tank — 08:24
Dave The Diver Tips Guide | Dave the Diver Fish Farm Guide

Dave the Diver Unlockable Weapon Blueprints

Sniper Rifle: This weapon blueprint can be found when you first discover The Deep underwater.

Dave the Diver – Unlocking the Best Gun in The Game: The Sniper Rifle


Dave the Diver Unlockable DLC Items

Dave the Diver Special Edition Differences & Extras

Digital Extra Edition Bonus Items:

This DLC is an expansion pack only available to those who already own the Dave the Diver Basic Package.

  • Boat Skin DLC: Customize Cobra’s boat with unique boat skin.

How To Equip The New Boat Skin:

Go to the ‘Boat Skin’ menu of the ‘Diver Box (Inventory)’ on Cobra’s boat to find the available unlocked boat skin.

Dave the Diver Tips and Tricks

Beginners Guide: In this Dave the Diver guide, you’ll find out about getting Staff in Dave the Diver and some helpful tips & tricks to get you going on your path to success.

  • Upgrade Your Equipment — 01:16
  • Get The Perfect Green Tea Pour — 03:53
  • Check Dave’s Phone — 04:54
  • Keep The Menu Varied — 06:31
  • Don’t Dive Too Deep — 07:44
  • Check Your Oxygen — 08:53
  • Check Your Stats — 09:50
  • Hint: Look for Treasure Chests — 11:11
Dave The Diver Tips Guide | Tips and Tricks for Beginners

More Advanced Guide to get Started: Here are a few more things you should know when just starting out.

  • Upgrade Your Equipment — 00:56
  • Get the Perfect Pour — 02:28
  • Keep the Menu Varied — 03:10
  • Check Your Stats — 04:42
  • Watch Your Oxygen — 05:30
  • Don’t Go Too Deep/Far Down — 07:32
  • Loot Everything — 09:00
Dave The Diver Tips Guide | Tips and Tricks for Beginners UPDATED

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