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Looking for AEW: Fight Forever cheats on PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & PC? Here we’ll list AEW: Fight Forever cheat codes and unlockables with tips for YUKE’S new All Elite Wrestling sports game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all AEW: Fight Forever codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One & Xbox Series X versions (where available).

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AEW: Fight Forever How To Unlock All Characters

How To Unlock All Characters: There are 5 unlockable wrestlers in the game, they are: Cody Rhodes, Paul Wight, Mr. Brodie Lee, Owen Hart, and AEW referee Aubrey Edwards. 3 of these unlockable wrestlers are available to buy with in-game currency after completing certain challenges. The 2 DLC pre-order bonus and 6 Season Pass Characters are listed separately here-under in the DLC section.

The unlock requirements to get all 5 unlockable characters in AEW: Fight Forever:

  • How To Unlock Cody Rhodes: Go to the in-game Fight Forever Store and buy him for 10,000 AEW Cash.
  • How To Unlock Aubrey Edwards: Go to the in-game Fight Forever Store and buy her for 20,000 AEW Cash.
  • How To Unlock Mr. Brodie Lee: Play as Chris Jericho on Road to Elite career mode from the start until you reach All Out and hope you’re given the Join The Dark Order storyline on the Road To Full Gear [aka Block 2B] (if not, then restart). Your chance of success will increase if you win the 1st Battle Royale match and of course playing on Easy Mode will make it easier. Once you’re on the right storyline, defeat Mr. Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship at Full Gear. [Recommended strategy is: Keep doing signatures and finishers (by building up your Momentum Bar), while using the evade mechanic and reverse to counter his attacks, as well as continually doing strikes, quick grapples & strong grapples when grounded.] Then go to the in-game Fight Forever Store and buy him for 30,000 AEW Cash.
  • How To Unlock Paul Wight: Play (as Dustin Rhodes?) on Road to Elite career mode and keep losing the first three blocks until you’re near the end on the Road To Double Or Nothing and hope you’re given the Who’s Ribbing Me? storyline (if not, then restart). Once you’re on the right storyline, defeat Paul Wight in the third week within 3 minutes. [Recommended strategy is: Taunt to get him out of the ring, whip him into barricade. Repeat until the referee reaches a 9 count, then leap back into the ring to win. And of course playing on Easy Mode will make it easier.] Then go to the in-game Fight Forever Store and buy him for 30,000 AEW Cash.
  • How To Unlock Owen Hart: Win 100 single matches in Exhibition (mini-games do not count). Then go to the in-game Fight Forever Store and buy him for 50,000 AEW Cash.
AEW Fight Forever – Full Roster & All Unlockables

AEW: Fight Forever How To Unlock All Mini-Games

How To Unlock All Mini-Games: Fight Forever has 15 Mini-games in the base game, with 4 additional Mini-games being made available as part of the Season Pass DLC.

Play through Road to Elite and choose the Mini-game option on your turns, if you do this every time you should have 1-3 new Mini-games by the end of it. Try playing through Road to Elite with all characters, as it seems you may until anywhere from 0 to 3 Mini-games each time you complete Road to Elite.

It’s unknown if there’s an easier way to unlock the remaining Mini-games as of now. But it should become clear as you play through more of the game. We’ll update this page when/if we find out!

AEW: Fight Forever Unlockable DLC Items

AEW: Fight Forever Pre-order Bonus

Pre-order Bonus Free Items for All Editions:

  • The AEW: Fight Forever Matt Hardy Pack which features two of the many Matt Hardys: Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy.

AEW: Fight Forever Special Edition Differences & Extras

Elite Edition / Season Pass Bonus Items:

  • The AEW: Fight Forever FTR: Revival Pack which features AEW wrestlers Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler PLUS minigames JoinUs and Deth Race-X.
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Limitless Bunny Bundle which features AEW wrestlers The Bunny and Keith Lee PLUS minigames MJF Car Thrash and Sloth Sling.
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Hookhausen Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack which features AEW wrestlers HOOK and Danhausen.

AEW: Fight Forever Tips and Tricks

This AEW: Fight Forever tutorial goes over everything you need to get started, including basic moves, reversals and specials, as well as how to perform combos, breakers, dodges and blocks!

Tutorial Guide Timeline:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:20 Movement
  • 00:32 Enter & Exit The Ring
  • 00:56 Strike Attacks
  • 01:22 Combination Strikes
  • 01:29 Grapples
  • 01:54 Strong Grapples
  • 02:09 Rear Grapples
  • 02:18 Transition Moves
  • 02:29 Dragging
  • 02:47 Throw Out & In
  • 03:00 Irish Whip
  • 03:14 Rebound Moves
  • 03:36 Running Moves
  • 03:53 Ground Moves
  • 04:21 Corner Moves
  • 05:00 Top Rope
  • 05:35 Rope Moves
  • 06:15 Apron Moves
  • 06:39 Apron To Ring
  • 06:52 Springboard Moves
  • 07:52 Taunts
  • 07:58 Signature Moves
  • 08:37 Special Moves (Finishers)
  • 09:08 Stolen Finishers
  • 09:19 Pinfalls
  • 09:42 Submissions
  • 09:53 Reversals
  • 10:34 Dodge
  • 10:48 Guards
  • 11:17 Seated Position
  • 11:40 Weapons
AEW Fight Forever Controls – Everything You Need To Get Started! (Full Tutorial)

Up next are hidden features and unique elements featured in the game that include:

  • A special finisher for the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch that sees you dump your opponent onto barbed wire boards on the outside of the ring.
  • Ladder match features including the ability to jump between ladders, a Cody Cutter from the ladder and a special ladder aeroplane finisher
  • Camera and pyro controls during entrances and how to customise them
  • A hidden weapon customisation feature that lets you customise the look of weapons with decals such as wrestler images and patterns
  • Bonus weapons for Champions that sees them use their championship as a weapon
  • A unique championship entrance for champions who hold multiple championships
  • Unique championship entrances for Darby Allin, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and John Moxley
  • A unique Sloth Style skill for Orange Cassidy that sees him wrestle the match with his hands in his pockets with an updated moveset

Hidden Features Timeline:

00:00 Intro
00:16 Hidden Entrance Features
01:04 Customise Entrance Effects
01:57 Bonus Weapons
02:48 Multiple Champion Entrances
03:39 Unique Championship Entrances
04:25 Hidden Weapon Feature
05:27 Ladder Match Features
06:22 Sloth Style
07:08 Special Barbed Wire Deathmatch Finisher

AEW Fight Forever: Hidden Features, Secrets & Easter Eggs

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