Final Fantasy 16 Cheats

Looking for Final Fantasy 16 cheats on PS5? Here we’ll list Final Fantasy 16 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Square Enix’s new action JRPG game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Final Fantasy 16 codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PlayStation 5 title (where available).

Take a look at the Final Fantasy XVI cheats list below…

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Final Fantasy 16 Infinite Ability Points Farming Cheat

How to farm Infinite Ability Points (AP) in Final Fantasy XVI: Once fully optimized with all skills mastered this spot results in over 50,000 AP earned per hour, you need just under 120,000 AP total to master the entire ability list. This missable spot is amazing, because even a full playthrough on normal mode and entire New Game + playthrough are not enough to get this much AP!

Location: During the Cloak and Dagger “Enter the Free Cities” story mission, you’ll come across “The Free Cities of Kanver” dungeon.

Farming: Start “The Free Cities of Kanver” dungeon and run through the stage’s first three fights and then leave the area by going to the map and moving to the nearest different location (yes, it’s ok to lose story progress, what you earned is still yours). So you’ll stop after the third fight, reset it and come back into the same “The Free Cities of Kanver” dungeon to kill the first three fights again and again.

Gear / Accessories Required:

  • On Fortune and the Heavens (increases EXP +15%),
  • The Wages of Warcraft (increases AP +20%),
  • Ring of Timely Strikes (simplify your attacks to make farming easier).

Eikons / Skills Required: (try to upgrade them all to Mastered)

  • Flames of Rebirth (Phoenix),
  • Heatwave (Phoenix),
  • Ignition (Ifrit),
  • Judgment Bolt (Ramuh).
Final Fantasy 16 – Best AP/Ability Point Farm In The Game 50k Per Hour

Final Fantasy 16 How To Unlock New Game Plus

How to unlock New Game + Mode in Final Fantasy XVI: Complete the main game. Then from the Main Menu, select New Game +, then select one of three options.

Normally when starting a new game you can only select “Story Focused” or “Action Focused”. With New Game + unlocked, you can also select a third option called “Final Fantasy Mode” and the Artete Stone “Arcade Mode” will have an extra “Utimania” difficulty level as well as a Hard Time Attack Mode called “Chronolith Trials”

In this game, New Game + is a Hard Mode that features the following:

  • Savedata including your character possessions, abilities, items, gear & level progression carries over from your previous playthrough.
  • Level cap is raised to 100.
  • Higher enemy levels.
  • Legendary “Ultima Weapon” is available for crafting.
  • You receive a Gold Trophy for completion.
  • After starting, you’ll be unable to switch over to Story or Action Focused mode.

Final Fantasy 16 How To Unlock Photo Mode

How to unlock Photo Mode in Final Fantasy XVI: Pause the game, then go to the Attributes screen and look at the bottom left side of your screen. Now press down on your touch screen at the center of your PS5 controller to turn on Photo Mode.

Final Fantasy 16 How To Get Pet Dog Torgal

Pet Dog Torgal Location: You won’t be able to pet him until after you start Main Story Quest #9: Fanning Embers. You’ll be given a brief tutorial image on how to use him in combat. That’s when you can start to pet him. If you pet Torgal 5 times you’ll earn the “You Can Pet the Dog” trophy.

Final Fantasy 16 – You Can Pet the Dog Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Unlockable DLC Items

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-order Bonus

Pre-order Bonus Free Items for All Editions:

  • Cait Sith Charm (Gil Boost Accessory)
  • Braveheart (Bonus Weapon)
  • Scholar’s Spectacles (XP Boost Accessory) exclusive to the Collector’s Edition (sold out), Deluxe Edition (Digital) & Standard Edition (Digital)

Final Fantasy 16 Special Edition Differences & Extras

Collector’s Edition Bonus Items:

  • Blood Sword (Bonus Weapon)

Final Fantasy 16 Where to Find Pre-order Bonus DLC Items

Pre-order Bonus & DLC Item Location: From the Main Menu, go to the System menu and select the Redeemable Items tab (looks like a treasure chest). That’s where you can claim to unlock your DLC items. If they don’t show up for you there, you may need to progress a little further into the main story.

This video guide shows you how to claim the Braveheart, Scholar’s Spectacles, Cait Sith Charm DLC items in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 – Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items

Final Fantasy 16 How To Earn More EXP, AP & GIL

A quick guide showing where to get the accessories to increase EXP, AP & Gil earned in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 How to increase EXP, AP & GIL Earned

Final Fantasy 16 Tips and Tricks

Don’t miss these amazing unlocks in Final Fantasy XVI.

  • 00:00 — Chocobo Mount Quest
  • 01:24 — This Item Changes Up Combat
  • 02:47 — Get More Money, XP & Ability Points
  • 04:33 — One Of The Best Combat Items In The Game
  • 06:17 — Make Your Potions Way Better
Final Fantasy 16 Tips And Tricks

More Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks. From how to level up faster, to making easy money, to which two abilities will turn Clive into a combat master. These Final Fantasy XVI tips will see you through and set you up for the adventure to come.

These tips and tricks will make Final Fantasy 16 even more fun to play: you’ll get the best abilities and best weapons (wait until you see our Eikonic ability combo!), squeeze every point of damage from a stagger and learn how to master the game’s parries and bursts with our FF16 tips. We also explain how to get a chocobo, which side quests to focus on and how to make the most of Torgal in a fight. There’s loads of FFXVI tips to help Clive on his way.

Towards the end of our Final Fantasy 16 tips you’ll find our recommendation for different abilities – we’ve got a pairing of best abilities that you’ll never unequip. Our Final Fantasy 16 guide covers all kinds of tips and secrets for surviving Clive’s journey of revenge, but if you’re looking for specific Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks.

12 Final Fantasy 16 Tips And Tricks To Save The World

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – How to level up faster and make more XP and ability points
1:34 – How to make more of that tasty Final Fantasy 16 money
2:29 – How to find rare crafting materials and easily find bounty hunts
3:23 – How to get a chocobo and which quests to prioritise first
4:08 – Basic combat tips and how to thin out enemy encounters
5:20 – Master the Final Fantasy 16 parry in the training room
6:09 – Master the Magic Burst move in the training room
6:45 – Give Torgal extra bite
7:13 – Why you should unlock Will-o-the-Wykes
8:05 – Why you should also unlock Lightning Rod
8:58 – How to do huge stagger damage
10:29 – Don’t be afraid to refund moves

We hope these Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks help you survive Clive’s journey across Valisthea. You’ll be busting up Mothercrystals in no time.


Disclaimer: These are all Final Fantasy 16 cheats found on PS5 so far. Sadly in modern games cheat codes are often replaced with DLC codes, in which case the best we can do is provide secret unlockables, as well as the handy Final Fantasy 16 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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