Diablo 4: The Movie

Still in doubt if you should play Diablo 4? Blizzard who made this hack ‘n slash action-RPG video game are well-known for their fantastically beautifully rendered CGI movies that accompany their games. Check out the awesome cinematic cutscenes that tie the game together in Diablo 4: The Movie!

This video includes all the 4K UHD cutscenes & story-related gameplay including boss fights found within the game, up to the ending scene! 6 hours and 20 minutes of footage in total.

Diablo 4 as a Movie:

Diablo 4 – All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 60FPS 4K Ultra HD

Diablo 4 Full Walkthrough:

Diablo 4 – Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary (Full Game) 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

The Story: “Sanctuary has fallen once more into darkness as Lilith has been summoned by dark ritual after eons in exile. Now, hatred threatens to consume Sanctuary as evil spreads and a new wave of cultists arise to embrace Lilith’s coming.

The player character, known as “the Wanderer”, is drugged by villagers corrupted by Lilith and fed petals of her blood, creating a connection to her.

After escaping, the Wanderer meets Lorath Nahr, one of the last Horadrim, who explains the prophecy of Lilith’s return. Inarius believes he alone can fulfill the prophecy by killing Lilith, which will allow him to return to Heaven.

Aided by a young woman named Neyrelle, the Wanderer enters the sanctum of Rathma, the first Nephalem and founder of the Necromancers. Inside, Rathma’s spirit reveals he had a key to Hell. When Inarius demands the key from him, Rathma refuses, and Inarius kills him; Lilith later finds the key.

The Wanderer then journeys to Scosglen to meet another Horadrim named Donan, who had defeated a demon called Astaroth with the aid of two Druids years before. Lilith corrupts the two Druids to find Astaroth’s prison and frees him, in exchange for safe passage through Hell. Astaroth possesses Donan’s son Yorin, who dies when the demon is defeated. Donan recovers the Soulstone used to trap Astaroth, and prepares to alter it in order to trap Lilith.”

Have fun watching Diablo IV: The Movie with all cutscenes. With the game’s dark realistic graphics style, it’s like watching a full-on Diablo movie! 🙂

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Video Credit: Gamer’s Little Playground