System Shock 2023 Remake Cheats

Looking for System Shock 2023 Remake cheats on PC? Here we’ll list System Shock 2023 Remake cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nightdive Studios’ remade action-adventure immersive sim game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all System Shock 2023 Remake codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC versions (where available).

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System Shock 2023 Remake Codes

In the original System Shock, the “451” access code was the keypad combination for the door leading out of the Healing Suit. In System Shock 2, the access code was changed to similarly be “45100”. In the System Shock Remake you can once again use the first code on the Medical Deck to open a locked door.

  • 00:10 – Keypad #1 Access Code is “451” to open the Medical Deck’s Healing Suite door.
  • 00:21 – Keypad #2 Access Code is “701” to open the Medical Deck’s Gamma Quadrant Armory door.
All Medical Deck Keypad Combinations System Shock Remake

System Shock 2023 Remake Secrets

See where to find all 4 hidden Keycards in the System Shock Remake, so you can access all secret areas.

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System Shock 2023 Remake Easter Eggs

You start the game with a lead pipe for a weapon. See where to find Hidden Wrench in System Shock Remake 2023, so you can unlock the “Gut-Wrenching” Achievement that reads: “Find the hidden Wrench. This looks familiar…” as it’s from System Shock 2!

System Shock Remake 2023 – Gut-Wrenching Achievement – Hidden Wrench Location

System Shock 2023 Remake Tips and Tricks

What makes System Shock so notable, and what should new fans know about the remake’s gameplay?

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