System Shock 2023 Remake: New Features List

System Shock is the fully fledged remake of the ground breaking original from 1994, combining cult gameplay with new HD graphics and quality-of-life improvements like controls to make the classic playable again.

Let’s go over a list of the new features added to Nightdive Studios’ System Shock Remake:

  • All-new HD visuals,
  • Updated controls,
  • An overhauled User Interface and all-new sounds & music; it even has the original voice actor of SHODAN, one of gaming’s most iconic villains.
  • Updated gameplay; enemies can now be dismembered and have realistic damage.
  • Difficulty Options when you start a new game; set difficulty between 1-3 per category: Combat, Mission, Cyberspace & Puzzle.

Visual / Gameplay Original VS. Remake Comparison:

System Shock [Remake] vs Original | Direct Comparison

System Shock “The Art of Gore” Dismemberment Feature:

System Shock “The Art of Gore” Dismemberment Feature – Nightdive Studios

Let’s go over 15 things you should know about the System Shock Remake:

Among the many classics in video game history, System Shock doesn’t get enough credit for how revolutionary it was. It’s one of the earliest immersive sims and went on to influence games like Deus Ex. The sound design, non-linear gameplay, combat, horror elements, and more were considered ahead of their time and would inspire gaming for years.

After Enhanced Editions for System Shock 1 and 2, Nightdive Studios’ remake of the first game is finally on the cusp of release. It’s out tomorrow for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC. What makes it so notable, and what should new fans know about the gameplay?

System Shock Remake – 15 Things YOU NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy

Are the new features added to System Shock Remake worth it? It looks like a retro gamer’s dream update.