Redfall Collectibles

Take a look at Redfall Collectibles locations guide wrap up, so you can find 100% of all Redfall Collectibles in the new co-op first-person shooter zombie game on the Xbox Series X & PC.

There’s a lot to collect and you will be rewarded in-game for each new discovery.

Here’s the Redfall Collectibles list…

Other Redfall Guides:

Redfall Grave Locks Locations Guide

Grave Locks are scattered around Redfall in hidden caches and hard to reach places. These psychic artifacts contain locks of hair taken from a mysterious figure connected to the vampire threat in Redfall. Collect them to hear echoes of her story and to earn bonuses to psychic residue regeneration.

Finding Grave Locks will unlock the following achievements:

  • “Wounded Whispers” (10 Gamerscore) — Collect your first grave lock.
  • “Faith Healer” (17 Gamerscore) — Collect all grave locks.

To get the first Grave Lock (which is a blue glowing tube) after leaving the fire station, in Mission 2 at the helicopter crash site on the island within the lake, search the picnic tables.

Redfall – Wounded Whisper Achievement Guide

Next, the “I’m Sorry” Grave Lock location lies near the roundabout in the Sedgewick area, it’s at a nearby rooftop.

Redfall – Grave Lock – I’m Sorry Location

Up next is the “Just Me” Grave Lock in the Old Town area.

Redfall – Grave Lock – Just Me Location

The “Disease in the Blood” Grave Lock location:

Redfall – Grave Lock – Disease in the Blood Locaion

The “I Lived” Grave Lock location:

Redfall – Grave Lock – I Lived Location

The “I Wanted Help” Grave Lock location:

Redfall – Grave Lock – I Wanted Help Location

The “Salvation” Grave Lock location:

Redfall – Grave Lock – Salvation Location

The “Needles and Words” Grave Lock location:

Redfall – Grave Lock – Needles and Words Location

Redfall Legendary Weapons Locations Guide

How to get infinite Legendary Weapons: Load into the game (Solo), run straight to the safe, get the legendary weapon. Fast Travel back to the Fire Station. Exit to Main Menu. Start game. Load up in Fire Station and run straight to the safe and it worked without any issues. No waiting, no timer, no cooldown.

Legendary Weapon safe location: Exit the Fire Station through the gate, walk right until you can take a right on the road, then right away you’ll see a house with an orange car in front of it. Smash the window and go upstairs to the safe room, hack the safe for the randomized legendary weapon. — Note that this can be done at any safe with a legendary weapon inside like at Wheeler’s Sporting Goods store.


Redfall Outfit Items Locations Guide

During the Crash Site’s “Two Birds, One Stone” Mission, open the Travel Bag right inside Wheeler’s Sporting Goods store to find the Rubber Side Down headgear.

Redfall – Outfit Item – Rubber Side Down Location

Redfall Fast Travel Marker Locations Guide

The Fast Travel Marker spot in Stormy Point is the Redfall Historical Marker north of the initial Fire Station Marker.

Redfall – Fast Travel Marker – Stormy Point Location

The next Fast Travel Point in Shadetree Heights, lies between the initial Fire Station Marker and the Redfall Historical Marker.

Redfall – Fast Travel Marker – Shadetree Heights Location


Which collectibles are you chasing down in Redfall?