Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Cheats

Looking for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection cheats on Switch, PS4 & PC? Here we’ll list Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Capcom’s real-time tactical RPG game collection of the six Game Boy Advance games.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4 & Switch versions (where available).

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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Cheats List

Mega Man Battle Network Codes Translation Key

Codes Translation Key:

Switch Button = PlayStation 4 Button = PC with Xbox Button

  • A = Circle = B
  • X = Triangle = Y
  • Y = Square = X
  • B = X = A
  • L = L1 = LB
  • ZL = L2 = LT
  • R = R1 = RB
  • ZR = R2 = RT
  • Minus = Select = Back
  • L3/R3 button = Press onto the left/right analog stick

Mega Man Battle Network 1 Cheats

In the School’s computer network, there are several doors you’ll come to that require you to input a 2-digit passcode. Here’s the School Network door access codes list…

Door NumberPasscode
Door 109
Door 230
Door 3Random; If you guess wrong, you’re given a hint if it’s higher or lower
Door 4Random; If you guess wrong, you’re given a hint if it’s higher or lower
Door 515
Door 6Random; If you guess wrong, you’re given a hint if it’s higher or lower
Door 7Random; If you guess wrong, you’re given a hint if it’s higher or lower; Requires Teacher’s Passcode

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Cheats

Hard ModeHighlight New Game (after getting 5 stars), press Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, then select new game, save

Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version Cheats

Fight Omega NavisHighlight Continue, hold Left, press R, R, L, R, L, R, L, L (after getting first 5 stars)

Error Codes:

If you attempt to use a Program of a color your current style does not support,you will get an error and be unable to boot up MegaMan until the problem is fixed.

You can bypass these errors once you have purchased the ModTools at Beach Street.When the error number appears, press Select and input the code to counter.

Counter Error A1GYU2OPZQ
Counter Error A23GKQ2RSQ
Counter Error A3LO13ZXME
Counter Error B1JHGIUTOP
Counter Error B2ALSK3W2R
Counter Error B3Y2U0MNCB
Counter Error B41LSKUTOB
Counter Error B5BM2KWIRA
Counter Error B6UTI3OMDH
Counter Error C1X2CD3KDA
Counter Error C2UTIXM1LA
Counter Error D2CWS1FS1AQ
Counter Error D2GOI1UWMAN
Counter Error D2SP3TOSIIS
Counter Error E1P2I3MSJL
Counter Error E2UTIR1SO2
Counter Error F1QSAO3C3L
Counter Error F2NC1FKSA2
Counter Error F3ITA2CRWQ
Counter Error G2CTIS3LAEJ
Counter Error G2GCVVDS2WR
Counter Error G2STUIEO23T
Counter Error H1A3DJMNB1
Counter Error H2UTIW2SMF
Counter Error H3 (AntiDmg)SK3LROT1
Counter Error S2CTU1AW2LL
Counter Error S2GAX1RTDS3
Counter Error S2SF2AAFETG

EX Codes:

These codes can be entered after you buy the Mod Tools on Beach St. In the Navi Customizer, press select after loading your programs. This allows you to input codes. (Note: 1,2, and 3 correspond to the symbols.)

AntiDamage / Kiwarimi MagicL3KJGUEO
NCP Mega Folder1JDKGJ1U2
NCP Shadow ShoesGKHU1KHI
SloGauge (Same effect as chip)2BKD1UEW

Shrink Navi Customizer Programs Codes:

In the Navi Customizer Screen, move the highlight over the name of the program that you want to shrink (and has not been shrunk yet). Hold the ‘Select’ button, and key in the corresponding code. NOTE: 1,2, and 3 stand for the 3 weird characters, the first of which is 1, second is 2, and third is 3.

Air Shoesup B B down A R
Anti DamageL, Left, R, A, Right, Down
Batteryright R right R L left
BeatA down A A R A
Blockdown B up down A left
Brake BusterR, A, B, Down, L, L
Brake ChargeB, A, Left, L, Up, B
Bug StopB down up B down B
Buster MAXdown A R R L left left
CollectB down right R right right
Custom 1right right right up left B
Custom 2A down up down R down
Dark LicenseR, L, R, Down, Left, B, R
Fast GaugeB down A R left R
FishL R down up left right
Float ShoesLeft, Down, Left, Down, Left, L
Giga Folder 1L down A down R B up
Hub BatchB left A down down up L
HumorUp, R, A, Left, Right, Right
JungleA R left B B A
Mega Folder 1Right, R, Down, R, L, Left
Mega Folder 2A, R, Down, Down, Right, Left
Oil Bodyup right A A R up
ReflectB up A left left B
RushL A down B B B
Set MetalB, R, Right, Right, L, L
Set SandLeft, A, A, B, Up, Left
Shadow ShoesUp, Left, Right, L, Up, R
Shieldleft right down R down R
Sneak RunR, L, B, Down, Down, down
Super ArmorUp, Right, Up, R, Up, Down
TangoA, Down, Left, L, L, R
Undershirtleft up B L left up

Variable Sword Combo Codes:

When using the VarSwords, hold down the A button and enter the following quickly before the VarSword attacks and the VarSword’s attack range will change to the following effect.

Elemental Sonic WaveB, B, Left, Down, Up
Fighter SwordLeft, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right
LifeSwordDown, Left, Up, Right, Down
LongSwordDown, Down-Right, Right
Sonic BoomLeft, B, Right, B
WideSwordUp, Right, Down

Numberman Passwords:

In Higby’s shop, you’ll see Numberman who’ll give you chips and other goodies if you enter the right passwords.

Receive Airshoes Navi Customizer Block23415891
Receive SneakRun Navi Customizer Block24586483
Recieve AirShot3 * chip15789208
Recieve CopyDmg * chip01697824
Recieve FullEnrg Subchip56892168
Recieve FullEnrg Subchip99826471
Recieve GaiaBlde * chip33157825
Recieve GtStrght S chip95913876
Recieve HeroSwrd P chip03284579
Recieve HiCannon * chip21247895
Recieve LockEnmy Subchip87824510
Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip57789423
Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip(again)86508964
Recieve Mr Famous’s Wristband Key Item90690648
Recieve Muramasa M chip50098263
Recieve QuickGge Navi Customizser Block67918452
Recieve Salamndr * chip65497812
Recieve SetSand Navi Customizer Block19878934
Recieve SneakRun Subchip24586483
Recieve SpinBlue Key Item11002540
Recieve SpinGrn Key Item28274283
Recieve SpinRed Key Item72563938
Recieve SpinWht Key Item77955025
Recieve Spreader * chip31549798
Recieve StpCross S chip76889120
Recieve Thndrblt * chip54390805
Recieve Tsunami * chip88543997
Recieve Unlocker Subchip35331089
Recieve Untrap Subchip05088930
Recieve Untrap Subchip(again)46823480
Recieve VarSword F chip63997824
Recieve WpnLV +1 Navi Customizer Block41465278

Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version Cheats

Fight SP NavisHighlight Continue, hold Left, press R, R, L, R, L, R, L, L (after getting first 5 stars)

NOTE: Rest of the cheat codes in White Version are the same as those listed in the Blue Version above.

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon Cheats

NeoVariableSword Codes:

  1. Select a NeoVariableSword in the custom menu.
  2. Press “OK”.
  3. Hold “A” when that chip appears and quickly input one of the codes below:
Cross SwordDown, Right, Up
Double LifeSwordsUp, B, Down, B, Up, B
Piercing Sonic Slash / Super Sonic BoomLeft, Right, Left, B

Secret VarSword Codes:

Once you get the VarSword chip you can use “secret swords attacks” in every battle you want . When you are in a battle select the VarSword chip, press and hold A and enter this codes quick.

Hero Sword AttackLeft,Left-Down,Down,Down-Right and Right
Life Sword AttackDown,Left,Up,Right and Down
Long Sword attackDown,Down-Right,Right
Sonic Slash AttackLeft,B,Right and B
Wide Sword attackUp,Up-Right,Right,Right-Down and Down

NumberMan Trader Codes:

When Higsby gets the Numberman Trader machine in the shop, enter number codes to get various items.

AirHockey 3 V77038416
Beat(NC Block)25435428
Body Pack(NC Block)43494372
Buster Pack(NC Block)05178924
ColorPoint *19095677
Custom2(NC Block)75420107
FlameLine 1 G46292983
FlameLine 3 J57604335
GunDelSol EX74293099
HP+500 (NC Block)30873642
HP+500(NC Block)97618739
MegaFolder2(NC Block)02109544
Recover300 J66703422
Rush(NC Block)73298100
Snake R32108251
Tango(NC Block)10170506
TwinFang 3 G88019791
VariableSword C03696458
WideShot 3 T68009092
Z Saver Z72794137

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Cheats

Park Area Access Code:

Once you beat the normal Navi decode this AJEKDUR2437561 and put it into the Staff Code window.

Get into Park area 1RAEJDUK

NOTE: Rest of the cheat codes in Red Sun Version are the same as those listed in the Blue Moon Version above.

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Cheats

Chip Attack Bonuses:

After you activate the chip, push the combinations to activate their other abilities.

After his attack, enemies will be confused.ShadeMan/SP/DS (Press Down, Down-Left, Left + A)
After his attack, enemies will be paralyzed.ShadeMan/SP/DS (Press Down, Down-Right, Right + A)
LarkMan pierces through shields, auras, & barriers.LarkMan/SP/DS (Press Up, Up-Right, Right, Down-Right, & Down)
The slash will reverse directionColonel/SP/DS (Press Left + B)

Chip Codes:

Entering a button command will an enhancement to certain chips when used.

4th SonicBoom slash is added to comboZ-Saber (Press B, Back) or (Left+B). To use this, you must hold the A button while using Z-Saber, and input the following code on the third slash. You must be holding A while it is slashing, and the code must be inputted on the third slash.
All bombs are dropped on one enemyGyroman/SP/DS (Hold L+R)

To enter these codes, have the desired Navi Customizer Program highlighted in the Navi Customizer screen. Hold the Right button on the D-Pad, then enter the 10 button code (Composed of different combinations of the buttons A, B, L and R) for that NCP to compress it.
Once compressed, the Navi Customizer Program’s size will be reduced by one block, or square. Only non-textured programs can be compressed (AutoRun cannot be compressed either), and inputting the code again will decompress it.

Compresses AirShoesBLBABLBBAA
Compresses AttackMAXLLLRRBARBL
Compresses AutoHealRLRLRBBRAB
Compresses BatteryModeAABRABRLLR
Compresses BeatSupportABBRAABRBR
Compresses BodyPackBARABRLRRA
Compresses BugStopperBABLABRLRB
Compresses BusterPackLLRARLBLAR
Compresses ChargeMAXALAARBRBAR
Compresses CollectBRALARBAAB
Compresses Custom 1AARLBABALB
Compresses Custom 2BARLLRALBR
Compresses DandyismRRBBRBRBAA
Compresses FirstBarrierRLABBARALR
Compresses FloatShoesALLBRLAAAL
Compresses GigaFolder1RRLBLLARBL
Compresses GigaVirusBBRALBLARR
Compresses HumourSenseABLARABLRL
Compresses I’m FishBABALRARAA
Compresses Jungle LandLRLABLBBLA
Compresses KawarimiMagicRBBARBRARB
Compresses MegaFolder 1BBABBRRLAR
Compresses MegaFolder2LABBLBAALL
Compresses MegaVirusAABLARBLAA
Compresses MillionareRLRARRLLLR
Compresses Oil BodyLBRARLABLB
Compresses ReflectLLRBLLAALB
Compresses RushSupportRBLRBRLLRL
Compresses SaitoBatchALRABLRALR
Compresses SelfRecoveryRLRLRBBRAB
Compresses ShieldABARALRBBA
Compresses ShinobiDashRLLALLBABB
Compresses SuperArmorRABRALLRBA
Compresses TangoSupportLBLABLABAL
Compresses UnderShirtARBBRLRALA

NeoVarSwrd Codes:

If you hold down ‘A’ and put in a button sequence fast, you will get a wider range for NeoVarSwrd.

CrossSwrd SlashDown, Right, Up
Double LifeSwrd SlashUp, B, Down, B, Up, B
Super Sonic Boom SlashLeft, Right, Left, B

Numberman Codes:

Go to the numberman machine in Higsby’s shop when it is placed there and enter the passwords to get your prize.

Anti Elec *35607360
Anti Fire *73877466
Anti Heal P44213168
Anti Navi V05068930
Anti Sword R10386794
Anti Water *25465278
Anti Wood *10133670
Attack MAX (Yellow NCP)63231870
BeatSupport NCP79877132
BodyPack NCP30112002
Bug Fix *50364410
BusterPack NCP80246758
Charge MAX (White NCP)87412146
Custom 215595587
Custom Bolt 3 G07765623
Dark Invis *68799876
Death Match 3 V52052687
DjangoSP D91098051
Full Energy12118790
Full Energy90914896
Gun Del Sol 3 O35321321
HP +200 (Pink NCP)90630807
HP+300 (Pink) NCP48785625
HP+300 (White NCP)13926561
HP+400 (Pink NCP)03419893
HP+400 NCP45654128
HP+50 NCP31084443
HP+500 (Pink) NCP50906652
HP+500 (White NCP)72846472
Lock Enemy29789661
Mega Folder 2 NCP97513648
Noise Storm S48958798
Quick Gauge *83143652
Rapid MAX (Pink NCP)36695497
Recovery-300 Y18746897
RushSupport NCP09609807
Shinobi Dash64892292
SoulTime +1 (Yellow NCP)28256341
Spin Blue12541883
Spin Green78987728
Spin Red30356451
Steal Revenge P68942679
TangoSupport NCP54288793

VarSwrd Codes:

To use these, you must hold down the ‘A’ button and quickly put in the sequence. These only work with VarSwrd.

Fghtswrd SlashLeft, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, Right
LifeSwrd SlashDown, Left, Up, Right, Down
Longswrd SlashDown, Right-Down, Right
SonicBoom SlashLeft, B, Right, B
Wideswrd SlashUp, Right, Down

Money Cheat:

A easy way to make Zenny is during or after Cosmoman’s “Liberation” Mission. Get NumberMan to search the 3 item panels straight ahead of the start point. You should get 1800 Zenny. Retreat and restart the mission. The item panels will be back, along with the 1800 Zenny. Repeat until you have all the zenny you need.

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman Cheats

Gyroman Code:

Input this code as soon as you use the Gyroman Chip. Hold the buttons down, it’ll make a beep sound if entered correctly.

If the enemy is on the same row as you, Gyroman bombs it three times instead of bombing the row.Hold down L+R

Larkman Code:

Input this code as soon as you use the Larkman Chip. Press the following sequence, it’ll make a beep sound if entered correctly.

Larkman’s attack pierces right through auras and barriers.Press up, up/right, right, down/right, down

SearchMan Chip Extra Effect:

Destroy all enemy chips when hit by Searchman.A+B

Shademan Extra Effects:

When you use the Shademan SP/DS chip, as soon as you see Shademan come up, immediately press the following codes for an extra effect to his attack.

Makes enemy confused.Press Down, Down-Left, Left+A
Makes enemy paralyzed.Press Down, Down-Right, Right+A

NOTE: Rest of the cheat codes in Team Protoman Version are the same as those listed in the Team Colonel Version above.

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar Cheats

Compress Navi Customizer Programs Codes:

To compress program pieces in the navi customizer, open up the navi customizer screen, and highlight the piece you wish to shrink. Hold Right on the Directional Pad (D-pad) and press the corresponding set of buttons to shrink the piece. To decompress the piece, repeat the process.

Compress AirShoesARBABRRBAL
Compress BatteryModeBRBBBBBARR
Compress Collector’s EyeALABBAAABA
Compress Custom1LBBRBAALRR
Compress Custom2RALLAABRBA
Compress GigaFolder1BLBRLLLABA
Compress I’m FishARAABARRBA
Compress JungleLandALARBRARLB
Compress KawarimiMagic(AntiDmg)BLALBRALBA
Compress MegaFolder1ARLALALLAB
Compress MegaFolder2LALRBLRLRA
Compress NumberOpeningAAALAABLRA
Compress OilBodyLRABARBBLR
Compress ReflectLAABRRLRLR
Compress ShinobiDashBBBABBAARB
Compress SuperArmorABLLAALRBA
Compress UnderShirtRRALLRAABB
Compresses AttackMAXLBRBABLBAL
Compresses BeatSupportLRBBALRABA
Compresses BodyPackRLABLRLAAB
Compresses BoosterPackBAABBBALBA
Compresses BugStopperAAABRLBAAL
Compresses ChargeMAXLLALLBABBB
Compresses First BarrierBBARABLARR
Compresses Float ShoesRALABLBBRB
Compresses FolderBack1ABLRRBRLBA
Compresses FolderBack2BBARBLARBL
Compresses HumorSenseLLABLBABLL
Compresses MillionaireRBARALBBBL
Compresses RathmicalPoemBABARRLLAB
Compresses RushSupportRLBAABALLR
Compresses Search ShuffleRRABLRARLA
Compresses SelfRecoveryBBBAABAABB
Compresses ShieldRBBBAAABRL
Compresses SlipRunnerALAAALLABR
Compresses TangoSupportBRBRRABBRA

Lottery Chip Machine Codes:

Once you are able to enter the chip shop in Central Town, go inside to find a green machine on the right-hand side. Upon pressing A in front of the machine, you will be able to enter a series of numbers to receive bonus items.

AirWheel3 O71757977
AquaMan *51702791
BambooLance *69544569
BlastMan *24616497
BlizzardBall H97049899
Body Pack (Pink NCP)28271002
Buster Pack (Red NCP)19790420
ChargeMan *92070765
CircleGun V51378085
ColonelArmy *44892547
CountBomb3 M23722234
DeathMatch *38116449
DiveMan *32310827
DrillArm M60884138
DustMan *79814666
ElecMan *30424514
ElementWrap *08789369
Full Energy SubChip39345472
Full Energy SubChip45566783
Get “Full Energy”87341489
Get “Unlocker”04789479
Get NCP “HP+300”54654618
GroundMan *10414878
GunDelSol3 W14212857
HeatMan *12404002
HP+100 (White NCP)49951337
HP+400 (Green NCP)08749780
HP+500 (White NCP)55031325
KillerMan *84387543
Lock Enemy SubChip37495453
Lock Enemy SubChip68008194
Lock Enemy SubChip16336487
Lock Enemy SubChip98766899
MegaBoomerang M88674125
Program for Beat70741543
Program for Rush32132348
Rapid MAX (Green NCP)12046210
Receive an Untrap subchip59485971
Receive ChargeMAX Navi Cust program94305487
Receive HP+200 Navi Cust program24823665
Receive HP+50 Navi Cust program37889678
Receive SpinGreen09256524
Receive SpinRed77837421
Receive SpinYellow41976910
Recovery300 Y75641392
Shinobi Dash SubChip15511679
Shinobi Dash SubChip79459146
Shinobi Dash SubChip74198795
SlashMan *55910601
Tango Support (Green NCP)69548756
TenguMan *00297421
TomahawkMan *67520179
Uninstall G97403000
Unlocker SubChip04789479
Unlocker SubChip99910954
Unlocker SubChip41161139
Unlocker SubChip82564319
Untrap SubChip22812406
Untrap SubChip09000465

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Cheats

NOTE: All of the cheat codes that exist for this Cybeast Gregar Version are the same as those listed in the Cybeast Falzar Version above.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Tips and Tricks

How to get Mega Man to talk: When you’re on the collection’s Main Menu, press the left shoulder button (L) to make Mega Man say random one-liners to you directly!

Other unlockables: Outside of the cheats listed above, there are many unlockables, their requirements are listed per game on Gamefaqs.

Disclaimer: These are all Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection cheats on Switch, PS4 & PC found so far. As well as the handy Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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