The Last of Us: Part 3 Game In Development? HBO TV Show Gets Season 2 & 3!

While HBO has confirmed that The Last of Us TV Show is getting a Season 2 & 3 that splits up the story of The Last of Us: Part 2 game, Neil Druckmann, director on both the game and TV series confirmed in a Kinda Funny interview that The Last of Us: Part 3 game was in consideration for developer Naughty Dog’s next project, but he would not reveal yet if that was their next project.

To quote Neil Druckmann when asked if The Last of Us: Part 3 is in development:

“I am very lucky that I don’t have to think like that [that I’m forced to keep churning out new hits]. I joined a studio that was already so successful, that we could kinda be prima-donnas and just do whatever we want. I know not everybody has that privilege, but it’s not something I take lightly.

So it’s, like, at the end of every project we purposefully explore several different projects, some of them might be a sequel and then a bunch of new ideas. And then do we feel [out] where do our passions lie? Because that’s the fire that has to sustain for years to come and if you pick the wrong projects and then you burn out from that idea, because you weren’t that passionate about it two years into it on a four year project, then you’re f*cked. I think that’s how you make mediocre anything, if you lose your excitement for it.

So… I uhm… I know the fans really want The Last of Us: Part 3 (laughs), I hear about it all the time. All I can say is that, look, we’re already into our next project, so the decision has already been made. I can’t say what it is, but that’s the process we went through, that there was a lot of consideration of different things, and we picked the thing we were most excited for.

[About The Last of Us: Factions] The last of us multiplayer game is our next big title, you will hear much more about it later this year.”

Here’s the full The Last of Us interview:

The “Pressure for the future of The Last of Us” about The Last of Us 3 starts at around 32 minutes into the video…

HBO’s The Last of Us Spoilercast with Neil Druckmann

You would imagine that there would have been quite a lot of excitement from publisher Sony to keep the game franchise going, as that would also allow them to make even more future seasons with HBO of The Last of Us TV series as well, at least if it remains as successful as it has been in the amazing Season 1.

PS: In case you were wondering who might play Ellie’s nemesis Abby in Season 2, a hint is that Neil Druckmann recently followed The Wilds’ Shannon Berry on Instagram.

Are you excited to get more The Last of Us games and TV show seasons?