PS5 Pro Release Date Rumors

A slim PS5 Pro console is in development at Sony PlayStation and has a tentative release date of late 2024, say IG sources.

What is the PlayStation 5 Pro release date?

The PlayStation 5 Pro is rumored to be released during the 2024 Holiday Season.

After Sony reduced the weight of the console from its current B to C chassis, the upcoming lighter D chassis will completely replace all older PS5 models on the production line by September-October 2023. This even lighter model may be slimmer too, because of its new detachable disc drive. But this D chassis PS5 is not the upcoming PS5 Pro console model, as that will be released in late 2024. Likely during the 2024 Holiday Season.

Check out this PS5 A, B & C chassis comparison:

All PS5 Model comparison

To quote: “The PS5 Pro is in development and could release with a tentative release date of late 2024. [Like the PS4 Pro it’s expected] the PS5 Pro will have increased visuals, performance, and speeds. But as for leaked details, we’ll have to wait until a later date to release those.”

Expect to hear more around “Summer Game Fest 2023” time (the online live streaming replacement of the “E3 2023” event) which starts on Thursday, June 8th, 2023.

Are you excited for a slimmer PS5 Pro?