The Last of Us Part 2: The Movie – Watch The Last of Us TV Show Season 2 Story Early!

Do you want to know the full story of HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2? HBO confirmed season 2 and director/writer Neil Druckmann confirmed the story of the second game may be spread across the TV Show’s Season 2 & 3! Check out the awesome cinematic cutscenes that tie the game together in The Last of Us Part 2: The Movie!

This video includes all the 4K UHD cutscenes & story-related gameplay found within the game, as well as the ending scene! Nine hours of footage in total. 😮

The Last of Us Part 2 Walkthrough Movie:

The Last of Us Part 2 – All Cutscenes (Full Game Movie) 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

The story: “Joel Miller (Troy Baker) confesses to his brother Tommy (Jeffrey Pierce) his responsibility in preventing the Fireflies attempting to find a cure for the Cordyceps fungus pandemic by saving Ellie (Ashley Johnson) from an operation that would have killed her. Four years later, Joel and Ellie have built a life in Jackson, Wyoming, though their relationship has become strained. While on patrol, Joel and Tommy rescue a stranger, Abby Anderson (Laura Bailey), from an Infected horde. They return to an outpost being used as a temporary hideout by Abby’s group, former Fireflies now part of the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), a militia group based in Seattle, Washington. The group attack Joel and Tommy; Abby seeks revenge against Joel for murdering her father, the Firefly surgeon (Derek Phillips) who was to perform the operation on Ellie. Meanwhile, Ellie and her girlfriend Dina (Shannon Woodward) leave Jackson in search of the brothers. Ellie enters the WLF camp to witness Abby beat Joel to death and swears revenge.

Tommy sets out for Seattle to hunt Abby, and Ellie and Dina follow him. After escaping a WLF ambush, Ellie reveals her immunity to Dina, who in turn reveals she is pregnant. The next day, Ellie pursues Tommy alone and encounters Jesse (Stephen Chang), Dina’s ex-boyfriend, who followed them to Seattle. While searching for Abby’s friend, Nora Harris (Chelsea Tavares), Ellie encounters the Seraphites, a religious cult locked in a battle with the WLF over control of Seattle. Ellie tracks down Nora and tortures her for information on Abby’s location, which traumatizes Ellie. The following day, she kills two more members of Abby’s group, the pregnant Mel (Ashly Burch) and her boyfriend Owen Moore (Patrick Fugit). A flashback reveals that, two years earlier, Ellie traveled to the Firefly hospital in Salt Lake City and learned the truth. Devastated, she cut ties with Joel. In the present, Ellie’s group is ambushed by Abby, who kills Jesse and holds Tommy hostage.”

Have fun watching The Last of Us Part 2: The Movie with all cutscenes. With the game’s realistic graphics style, it’s like watching the future Seasons 2 & 3 of The Last of Us TV series early! 😀

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