PlayStation VR2 Unboxing & Setup Guide

In this official PlayStation VR2 unboxing & setup guide you’ll find out what’s inside the PSVR2 box and how to put it together to start playing right away!

In this official video, Sony describes the key headset design features, includes a demonstration on how to wear the headset and gives tips on the adjustments you can make for optimal comfort during gameplay.

PlayStation VR2 Unboxing

Up next, how to set up your PlayStation VR2 system as quickly as possible to start playing ASAP!

PlayStation VR2 – How To Set Up Your PS VR2

Feel a New Real. Get ready to discover heightened sensory and emotional experiences as revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense technology connects you to thrilling new worlds in uniquely immersive ways.

PS VR2’s Innovative Gameplay Features

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Are you excited for the PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 headset and games?