New Video Game Releases in Week 6 of February 6, 2023

Here’s the list of new video game releases in week 6 of February 6, 2023. The most popular video game released this week is: Hogwarts Legacy. Oh and for fans of the games who sub to HBO Max, The Last of Us – Episode 5 comes out this week!

A bunch of new game releases in this 1st February 2023 week. Remember, often a new game will have a demo / prologue available for you to try before you buy.

The new video game releases this week are:

Monday February 6, 2023 Game Release

  • Gloom and Doom (Switch)

Tuesday February 7, 2023 Game Releases

  • Nadir: A Grimdark Deck Builder (Switch)
  • Prison Tycoon: Under New Management (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Scorchlands – Steam Early Access (PC, Mac)

Wednesday February 8, 2023 Game Releases

  • Daily Dadish (Switch)
  • Prizma Puzzle Prime (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • The Redress of Mira (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)

Thursday February 9, 2023 Game Releases

  • Alice in Wonderland – a jigsaw puzzle tale (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Barkhan (PC, Mac)
  • Bumblebee: Little Bee Adventure (Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Hyper Shapes (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Looking for Aliens (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Mercenaries Lament: Silver Wolf and the Seven Stars of the Maiden (Switch) — Note: Japanese release.
  • Perseverance – Complete Edition (Switch)
  • Repentant (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Rob Riches (Switch)
  • Shuttlecock-H (Switch)
  • Touchdown Pinball (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)

Friday February 10, 2023 Game Releases

  • Go! Go! PogoGirl (Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Hogwarts Legacy (PS5, Xbox Series X, PC) — Note: Deluxe Edition gets 3 days early access!
  • Legion of Doom (Switch)
  • Pizza Tycoon (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena (Switch)
  • The Experiment: Escape Room (Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Youmandriver (Switch)
Hogwarts Legacy – Official Launch Trailer 4K

Saturday February 11, 2023 Game Releases

  • The Maiden, the Butler, and the Witch (PC)

Sunday February 12, 2023 Game-Based TV Show Releases

  • The Last of Us – Episode 5: “Endure and Survive” (HBO Max)
The Last of Us – Episode 5 Preview Trailer

Free Games in February 2023

Note: You need to claim each game in order to add it to your game system’s account before it disappears.

What video games will you be playing this week? Any of these?