N64 GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster Cheats

Looking for GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster cheats on Switch, Xbox Series X & Xbox One? Here we’ll list GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nintendo & Rare’s remastered first-person shooter James Bond game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Switch, Xbox One & Xbox Series X versions (where available).

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GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster Cheats List

GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster Cheat Codes

Cheat entering explanation: The + sign in the cheat descriptions below indicates you have to hold the first button while pressing the second (and sometimes third) button that comes after the + sign.
Important key, if you’re not using a classic N64 controller on Switch, the up, right, down, left C directions are different on a Joycon or Pro Controller, because these directions are pressed on the Right Analogue Stick. For example: Down on the yellow C-button translates to pressing Down on the Right Analogue Stick.

EPIC Cheat Codes for Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo Switch (Big Heads, Tiny Bond, Invincibility & More!)

Cheat Menu Codes

Enter at the cheat menu, exit then return for the cheat to appear:

2x RCP90sUp, Right, L + Left, R + Down, L + Up, L + C-Left, L + Left, C-Right, C-Up, then hold L + R + Down
All WeaponsDown, Left, Up C, Right, L + Down, L + Left, L + Up, Left C, Left, Hold Down C
Gold PP7L+R+Right, L+R+Down, L+Up, L+R+Down, C-Up, R+Up, L+R+Right, L+Left, Down, L+C-Down
Infinite AmmoL +Left C, L + R + Right, Right C, Left C, R + Left, L + Down C, L + R + Left, L + R + Down C, L + Up, Hold Right C
InvincibilityR+Left, L+Down, Left, Up, Down, R+C-Left, L+C-Left, L+R+Left, L+R+Right, L+C-Left
Paintball ModeL + Up, Up C, R + Right, L + R + Left C, L + Up, R + Down C, L + Down C, L + R + Down C, L + R + Up, Hold L + Down C
Silver PP7L+Left, L+R+Up, L+Right, L+R+Up, L+R+C-Left, L+R+Left, L+R+Down, C-Down, L+R+Right, L+R+Left
Slow AnimationL+R+Left, L+R+Left, L+R+Down, L+R+Left, C-Right, L+R+Down, L+R+Down, L+Down, C-Left, Hold C-Up
Tiny bondL+R+Down, R+Down, L+C-Down, Left, R+C-Left, L+R+C-Down, Right, Down, R+C-Down, R+Right
Turbo ModeL + Down, L + Down C, L + R + Up, R + Down C, Left, R + Down, L + Down C, Up, R + Down, Hold L + Right

Mission Selection Codes

Enter the following at the mission selection screen:

Unlock Aztec LevelComplete Cradle on Agent or use the unlock Cradle Level Code first then press Press L + R + Up, L + R + C Right, L + Down, R + Right, R + Up, L + Down
Unlock Bunker LevelL + Down C, R + Right, L + Right C, R + Left C, L + Down C, L + R + Left, L + Right C, L + R + Up, R + Right C, L + Up(Hold)
Unlock Caverns LevelL + Down, R + C-Down, L + R + Up, L + Right, R + C-Up, R + C-Left, R + Up, L + C-Left, L + Up, R + C-Left
Unlock Control Center LevelL + C-Down, R + Down, L + Right, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Up, R + Left, L + R + C-Up
Unlock Cradle LevelL + R + C-Up, L + Left, R + Down, L + Down, L + C-Up, L + Down, R + Right, R + C-Up, L + C-Left, R + Right
Unlock Depot LevelL + Down, L + Down, R + C-Down, L + C-Right, L + R + Right, R + C-Left, L + Down, L + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up
Unlock Facility LevelL+R+C-Up, R+C-Left, L+Left, R+C-Up, L+Left, R+C-Down, L+C-Right, R+Right, L+R+C-Up, L+Right
Unlock Frigate LevelR+C-Up, L+Down, R+C-Right, L+Left, L+R+Up, L+R+C-Down, R+C-Right, R+Up, L+R+C-Down, R+Up
Unlock Jungle LevelR + C-Down, R + Left, L + R + Up, R + Right, R + Down, R + Down, R + Up, R + C-Left, R + C-Up, L + R + Left
Unlock Runway LevelL+R+Left, R+Left, L+C-Up, L+Left, R+C-Up, R+C-Down, R+C-Right, R+Right, L+Down, R+C-Left
Unlock Silo LevelL+Up, R+C-Down, L+Left, R+Down, L+C-Left, L+R+C-Right, L+C-Up, R+Right, R+Right, R+C-Right
Unlock Statue LevelL + R + C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + Right, L + R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, R + C-Up, R + C-Down, R + Right
Unlock Streets LevelL + R + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Up, L + Down
Unlock Surface II LevelL+C-Down, L+R+C-Right, R+C-Right, R+C-Up, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+C-Up, L+C-Up, L+R+Down, L+C-Right
Unlock Surface LevelR+C-Left, L+R+C-Up, L+Left, R+Up, R+Left, L+Up, R+C-Down, L+Right, L+C-Right, L+R+Down
Unlock Train LevelR + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, L + Right, R + C-Down, L + Left, L + R + C-Left, L + Up, L + C-Up

Multiplayer Cheats

Go to the Multiplayer option and then to the Characters option. Now input the code carefully:

CharactersL+R+C-Left, L+C-Up, L+R+Left, L+Right, R+Down, L+R+C-Left, L+C-Up, L+R+Right, L+R+C-Down, L+Down
Invisible (enter during gameplay)L+C-Up, L+R+C-Left, R+Up, L+C-Right, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+C-Left, L+C-Right, L+Up, L+R+C-Down
No radarR+Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, L+Down, R+Up, C-Left, Right, R+Left, R+Right

Single Player Codes

Anytime during the game enter the following:

2x Grenade LauncherR+Down, R+Up, Right, L+R+C-Down, L+Right, R+Left, Left, Down, Up, R+C-Down
2x Hunting KnifeR+C-Down, L+Right, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+Right, L+R+Up, L+Down, R+Left, L+Right, L+C-Left
2x LaserL+Right, L+R+C-Left, L+Down, R+Left, R+Down, L+Right, C-Up, Right, R+Right, L+R+Up
2x Rocket LauncherR+Right, L+Up, Down, Down, R+C-Down, L+Left, L+C-Left, R+Up, R+Down, R+C-Left
2x Throwing KnifeR+C-Left, L+Left, Up, L+R+Right, Right, L+R+C-Left, L+R+C-Left, R+Down, R+Left, R+C-Left
All Guns (Single Player)L Button + R Button + Down, L Button + C-Left, L Button + C-Right, L Button + R Button + C-Left, L Button + Down, L Button + C-Down, R Button + C-Left, L Button + R Button + C-Right, R Button + Up, L Button + C-Left
DK ModeL and R + up, C-Right, R + Left, R + Up, Up, R + Right, Up, L and R + C-Down, L and R + Down, L and R + C-Left
InvincibilityL+Down, R+C-Right, R+C-Up, L+Right, L+C-Down, R+C-Up, L+Right, R+Down, L+Left, L+R+C-Right
InvisibleR+C-Left, L+R+C-Up, L+R+Left, L+R+Up, R+Up, L+C-Left, R+C-Up, L+C-Down, L+R+Left, R+Right
Line ModeR Button + C-Down, L Button + R Button + Down, L Button + Right, R Button + C-Up, L Button + R Button + C-Right, R Button + Up, L Button + Down, L Button + Right, R Button + C-Left, R Button + C-Up
Max AmmoL+R+C-Right, R+Up, R+Down, R+Down, L+R+C-Right, L+R+Left, R+Down, R+Up, L+R+C-Right, R+Left

GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster How To Get Better Modern Controls

How To Get Better Modern Controls on Switch: While the Xbox versions are already set to the modern Xbox controller layout, that’s not the case on the Switch’s Joycons and Pro Controller. On the Switch version, when you pause the game and go to the Controller Settings, if you highlight, and then select Controller Style, you can then scroll through various pre-mapped button settings by pushing up or down, which will include options that have the triggers switched including a modern control style called “1.2 Solitaire”.

If that still feels off on the Switch, that may be because on modern control setups the left and right joystick are switched the make moving around and shooting much easier. So let’s do that on the Switch, from the main menu on your Nintendo Switch system (so not in-game) go to “System Settings”, “Controllers and Sensors”, “Change Button Mapping”, “Control Stick Settings” (at the bottom of your screen), and then finally switching the Left Stick to the Right Stick by turning both settings to “On”.
Likewise, the ZR should be switched to the ZL button on the “Change Button Mapping” main screen with the controller on it. This way you can shoot with the right trigger.
Next, on the same screen the ZL should be switched to the L button. This way you can have manual aiming on the other trigger button.
Finally, once it’s all setup the way you like it, save your changes in the “Button Mapping” menu by pressing “Save as Preset Mapping” and saving it as Goldeneye to easily find it.

Goldeneye 007 Switch – Enable Widescreen + Modern Controls

Here’s how to fix Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo Switch Online to add widescreen and modern controls!

  • 0:23 — How to Enable Widescreen
  • 0:51 — How to Fix the Controls

How To Get Better Controls on Xbox Series S / X & Xbox One:

GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster How To Turn On Widescreen

How To Turn On Widescreen: Pause the game and go to the Options Menu, go to the “Ratio” setting and set it from “Normal” to “16:9” Widescreen Mode. Which actually increases your field of view a whole lot and makes the game fill in the whole screen on modern TV’s while you’re playing the campaign or two-player split-screen.

GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster Tips and Tricks

Tip: Turn off inverted Up & Down controls by pausing the game and going to the Controller Settings. Then select “Look Up/Down” and change it from “Reverse” to “Upright”. This controls the looking controls much better for 9 out of 10 people.


These are all GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster cheats on Xbox One, Xbox Series X & Switch found so far. And there’s handy GoldenEye 007 2023 Remaster guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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